????NEW POLL????: Gardner’s “Approval Ratings Are Far Underwater,” Sinking Below Trump’s

????NEW POLL????: Gardner’s “Approval Ratings Are Far Underwater,” Sinking Below Trump’s

Denver, CO – Just a week after multiple polls showed Senator Cory Gardner’s unfavorability spiking, a new poll shows that Gardner’s “approval ratings are far underwater” at 34 percent — making him even less popular than President Trump, who lost Colorado in 2016. Gardner’s favorability is underwater by double-digits, and a majority of Colorado voters say they have an unfavorable opinion toward his performance in Washington. With polls showing Gardner facing an uphill battle to reelection, Cook Political Report editor Jessica Taylor stated that “Republicans tell me they see [Gardner] as pretty gone.”

While Gardner is already on the airwaves with a deceptive, misleading ad on his pandemic response, the new poll found that voters are not fooled by this charade and “believe, overwhelmingly, that when it comes to the coronavirus, Gardner is more focused on political games than fighting for the state.

Adding to his problems, a majority of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters — who make up the plurality of the electorate — think that these describe Gardner “well”:

  • “Does what his special interest donors tell him to”
  • “Puts his loyalty to Donald Trump ahead of Colorado”
  • “More focused on political games than fighting for what Colorado needs during this coronavirus pandemic”
  • “Says one thing in Colorado but does another in Washington”
  • “Out of touch with Colorado’s values”
  • “Spineless”
  • “Dishonest”


Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll:

“While Colorado voters disapprove of President Trump, they think even worse of two-faced Senator Gardner who has put party bosses ahead of Coloradans. This poll shows what we all knew: Coloradans aren’t buying Senator Gardner’s misleading rhetoric and are sick and tired of a spineless senator who talks out of both sides of his mouth trying to appease party bosses. Come November, we will elect an independent leader to go to Washington to stand up for our values.”