2 Months After Campaign Launch, Eli Bremer Still Hiding from Coloradans

2 Months After Campaign Launch, Eli Bremer Still Hiding from Coloradans

Denver, COToday marks 2 months since failed GOP insider Eli Bremer announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate on Fox News, and he has yet to hold a public campaign event in Colorado, let alone in El Paso County, his old stomping grounds. Every day that passes without holding a public campaign event is a failure for Bremer who has yet to make his case directly to Coloradans. 

Bremer did announce a slate of supporters who could damage his campaign with their problematic histories. Bremer’s controversial supporters include Tom Ready, Joe Webb, and Don Suppes. Ready questioned if the Sandy Hook shooting actually happened, Webb made a Nazi reference when trying to attack Governor Polis, and Suppes is a fan of white supremacy websites and thinks the United Nations has an agenda to confiscate firearms. 

Bremer isn’t just hiding from Coloradans, he is also dodging questions and refusing to address the issues that are top of mind for Colorado voters.

Bremer has yet to be asked if he thinks the 2020 election was fraudulent and wouldn’t say if the election results outside of Colorado were fraudulent despite his desperate attempts to woo Donald Trump by saying he worked for him “before it was cool.” 

Bremer is attacking his fellow Republicans and pandering to his right wing base by attacking pronoun preferences, flirting with insurrection, and chasing Trump’s approval. Given Bremer’s rocky history with Colorado Republicans, including a messy public feud with current El Paso County GOP Chair Vickie Tonkins, it is no wonder that Bremer is afraid to get out from behind his computer.