2020 Candidates

Democratic Candidates (Federal Office)

Joe Biden

Presidential Nominee
Fmr. Vice President

Kamala Harris

Vice Presidential Nominee
U.S. Senator

John Hickenlooper

Dem. Nominee for U.S. Senate
Fmr. Governor of Colorado

Diana DeGette

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 1 (Incumbent)

Joe Neguse

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 2 (Incumbent)

Diane Mitsch Bush

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 3

Ike McCorkle

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 4

Jillian Freeland

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 5

Jason Crow

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 6 (Incumbent)

Ed Perlmutter

Dem. Nominee for Congress
District 7 (Incumbent)

Democratic Candidates (State Senate)

Elissa Flaumenhaft

District 4

Karl Hanlon

District 8

Randi McCallian

District 10

Electra Johnson

District 12

Joann Ginal

District 14 (Incumbent)

Sonya Jaquez Lewis

District 17

Stephen Fenberg

District 18 (Incumbent)

Rachel Zenzinger

District 19 (Incumbent)

Dominick Moreno

District 21 (Incumbent)

Sally Boccella

District 23

Paula Dickerson

District 25

Jeff Bridges

District 26 (Incumbent)

Chris Kolker

District 27

Janet Buckner

District 28

Rhonda Fields

District 29 (Incumbent)

Chris Hansen

District 31 (Incumbent)

James Coleman

District 33

Carlos Lopez

District 35

Democratic Candidates (State Representatives)

Susan Lontine

House District 1 (Incumbent)

Alec Garnett

House District 2 (Incumbent)

Meg Froelich

House District 3 (Incumbent)

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

House District 4 (Incumbent)

Alex Valdez

House District 5 (Incumbent)

Steven Woodrow

House District 6 (Incumbent)

Jennifer Bacon

House District 7

Leslie Herod

House District 8 (Incumbent)

Emily Sirota

House District 9 (Incumbent)

Edie Hooton

House District 10 (Incumbent)

Karen McCormick

House District 11

Tracey Bernett

House District 12

Judy Amabile

House District 13

John Foley

House District 14

John Pyne

House District 15

Stephanie Vigil

House District 16

Tony Exum

House District 17 (Incumbent)

Marc Snyder

House District 18 (Incumbent)

Joe Thompson

House District 19

Meg Fossinger

House District 20

Liz Rosenbaum

House District 21

Mary Parker

House District 22

Chris Kennedy

House District 23 (Incumbent)

Monica Duran

House District 24 (Incumbent)

Lisa Cutter

House District 25 (Incumbent)

Dylan Roberts

House District 26 (Incumbent)

Brianna Titone

House District 27 (Incumbent)

Kerry Tipper

House District 28 (Incumbent)

Lindsey Daugherty

House District 29

Dafna Michaelson

House District 30 (Incumbent)

Yadira Caraveo

House District 31 (Incumbent)

Adrienne Benavidez

House District 32 (Incumbent)

Matt Gray

House District 33 (Incumbent)

Kyle Mullica

House District 34 (Incumbent)

Shannon Bird

House District 35 (Incumbent)

Mike Weissman

House District 36 (Incumbent)

Tom Sullivan

House District 37 (Incumbent)

David Ortiz

House District 38

Ian Chapman

House District 39

Naquetta Ricks

House District 40

Iman Jodeh

House District 41

Dominique Jackson

House District 42 (Incumbent)

Jennifer Mitkowski

House District 43

Kyra Storojev

House District 44

Katie Barrett

House District 45

Daneya Esgar

House District 46 (Incumbent)

Bri Buentello

House District 47 (Incumbent)

Holly Herson

House District 48

Yara Zokaie

House District 49

Mary Young

House District 50 (Incumbent)

Vern Richardson

House District 51 (Write-in)

Cathy Kipp

House District 52 (Incumbent)

Jeni Arndt

House District 53 (Incumbent)

AliceMarie Slaven-Emond

House District 54

Scott Beilfuss

House District 55

Giugi Carminati

House District 56

Colin Wilhelm

House District 57

Seth Cagin

House District 58

Barbara McLachlan

House District 59 (Incumbent)

Lori Boydston

House District 60

Julie McCluskie

House District 61 (Incumbent)

Donald Valdez

House District 62 (Incumbent)

Gen Schneider

House District 63

Edwin Dean Ormiston

House District 64

Democratic Candidates (State Board of Education)

Lisa Escarcega

District 1

Mayling Simpson

District 3

Karla Esser

District 7

Democratic Candidates (CU Board of Regents)

Callie Rennison

District 2

Iliana Spiegel

District 6

Nolbert Chavez

District 7

Democratic Candidates (District Attorneys)

Alexis King

Judicial District 1

Beth McCann

Judicial District 2

Henry Solano

Judicial District 3

Heidi McCollum

Judicial District 5

Christian Champagne

Judicial District 6 (Incumbent)

Gordon McLaughlin

Judicial District 8

Jeffrey Chostner

Judicial District 10 (incumbent)

Kaitlin Turner

Judicial District 11 (Incumbent)

Alonzo Payne

Judicial District 12

Rodney Fouracre

Judicial District 16

Brian Mason

Judicial District 17

Amy Padden

Judicial District 18

Michael Dougherty

Judicial District 20 (Incumbent)

Democratic Candidates (County Commissioners)

Eva Henry

Adams County District 1 (Incumbent)

Charles “Chaz” Tedesco

Adams County District 2 (Incumbent)

Lynn Baca

Adams County District 5

Trudi Kretsinger

Alamosa County District 1

Jan Vigil

Alamosa County District 3

Carrie Warren-Gully

Arapahoe County District 1

Idris Keith

Arapahoe County District 3

Bill Holen

Arapahoe County District 5 (Incumbent)

Claire Levy

Boulder County District 1

Marta Loachamin

Boulder County District 2

Keith Baker

Chaffee County District 1 (Incumbent)

Randy Wheelock

Clear Creek County District 3 (Incumbent)

Placido Erwin Romero

Conejos County District 1

Joseph Baroz

Conejos County District 3

Robert Espinoza

Costilla County District 1

Steven Romero

Costilla County District 3 (Incumbent)

Lisa Neal-Graves

Douglas County District 2

Darien Wilson

Douglas County District 3

Matt Scherr

Eagle County District 1 (Incumbent)

Kathy Chandler-Henry

Eagle County District 2 (Incumbent)

Tracey Johnson

El Paso County District 2

Ken Schauer

El Paso County District 3

Andre Vigil

El Paso County District 4

Kathleen Conway

Elbert County District 3

Katrina Byars

Garfield County District 2

Leslie Robinson

Garfield County District 3

Ron Engels

Gilpin County District 1 (Incumbent)

Sandra Hollingsworth

Gilpin County District 3

Shanna Ganne

Grand County District 2

Liz Smith

Gunnison County District 1 (Fill-Term)

Jonathan Houck

Gunnison County District 2 (Incumbent)

Henry Woods

Hinsdale County District 1

Amos Mace

Huerfano County District 1

Arica Andreatta

Huerfano County District 2

Tracy Kraft-Tharp

Jefferson County District 1

Andy Kerr

Jefferson County District 2

Carlin Stratton

Kit Carson County District 3

Marsha Porter-Norton

La Plata County District 2

Matt Salka

La Plata County District 3

Sarah Mudge

Lake County District 2 (Incumbent)

Jeff Fiedler

Lake County District 3

Kristin Stephens

Larimer County District 2

Jody Shadduck-McNally

Larimer County District 3

Luis Lopez

Las Animas County District 2 (Incumbent)

Kathryn Bedell

Mesa County District 1

Dave Edwards

Mesa County District 3 

John Lawley

Mineral County District 2

Christopher Moreno

Otero County District 1

Steven Hilbert

Ouray County District 1

Jake Niece

Ouray County District 3

Eppie Griego

Pueblo County District 1

Garrison Ortiz

Pueblo County District 2 (Incumbent)

Tim Corrigan

Routt County District 1 (Incumbent)

Tim Redmond

Routt County District 2

Thomas McCracken

Saguache County District 1

Lynne Thompson

Saguache County District 2

Scott Fetchenhier

San Juan County District 2 (Incumbent)

Hilary Cooper

San Miguel County District 1 (Incumbent)

Kris Holstrom

San Miguel County District 3 (Incumbent)

Elisabeth Lawrence

Summit County District 1 (Incumbent)

Tamara Pogue

Summit County District 2

Josh Blanchard

Summit County District 3

John Shull

Weld County District 1

Michael Welch

Weld County District 3

Paul Echternacht

Weld County At-Large

Dean Wingfield

Yuma County District 2 (Incumbent)

David Blach

Yuma County District 3

Nicole Jaramillo

Alamosa County Clerk