Day 50: Walker Stapleton Still Hasn’t Shown Up at Work   

Day 50: Walker Stapleton Still Hasn’t Shown Up at Work   

Day 50: Walker Stapleton Still Hasn’t Shown Up at Work   

Since August 23rd, the Colorado Democratic Party has been photographing State Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s empty parking space at the State Capitol at random times during the work day to underscore Stapleton’s pattern of not showing up for work.

Stapleton’s parking space has now been empty for 50 straight work days.

Donald Trump loves Walker Stapleton so much he endorsed him twice!  Maybe Trump’s affection stems from Stapleton embracing Trump’s agenda throughout the campaign. Or maybe it stems from their shared love of not going to work: Trump is famous for playing golf and watching Fox News instead of working, while Walker Stapleton has now gone 50 straight days without showing up to the office.

While Coloradans work hard every day for their earned benefits, Walker Stapleton hasn’t even shown up to the office for 49 straight days. To make matters worse, Stapleton thinks that Social Security — a program that has kept over 80% of American seniors out of poverty — is “one of the most ineffective and inefficient systems that’s ever been created.” Social Security might not mean much to a scion of the Bush political dynasty, but it’s a lifeline for most older Americans. We need to keep Wall Street Walker Stapleton’s hands off of our earned benefits.

Stapleton has been tricking the taxpayers for the last 48 days by refusing to show up to his taxpayer-funded job. Maybe he’s out trick-or-treating for campaign cash from his special interest backers. The only way we can stop Stapleton from tricking us again is to get our ballots in by November 6th. It’ll be a real treat to show Stapleton the door!

It’s not just that Walker Stapleton doesn’t show up for work — it’s that he lies about it too. Walker Stapleton said on camera he shows up to at least 90% of PERA board meetings, when records show he’s missed almost half of the meetings. His pattern of lying makes it difficult to believe any of his constantly-changing excuses for why he’s not at the office — that he shows up once a week, that he doesn’t park in his own spot, that he takes the bus, etc. They say showing up is half the battle and Stapleton can’t even get that right.

Walker Stapleton has now missed 46 days of work. If a student missed 46 days of school they would likely be expelled, but if Stapleton gets his way on the education budget there may not be enough staff to bother enforcing attendance at schools. Stapleton has said he would take money out of schools to fund more prisons. Find out more at


Here are the photographs of Stapleton’s empty parking space for the previous 45 work days, which were taken at random times during normal working hours:

Recently, the Polis campaign launched to call attention to Stapleton’s record of absenteeism.

Stapleton has attended only 55% of PERA board meetings as Treasurer, despite telling a bold-faced lie on camera that he has personally attended at least 90% of the meetings.

Stapleton attended 41 out of 74 PERA board meetings in two terms as Treasurer; his predecessor, Democrat Cary Kennedy, attended 45 out of 51 PERA board meetings in just one term.

On May 3rd, Stapleton ducked a crucial PERA board meeting where a legislative proposal was being discussed. Stapleton then admitted that he was asleep for the vote on that proposal.

Stapleton famously said earlier in the campaign that if it’s raining or snowing, he “might as well stay in bed” or “hang out at home” instead of going into the office.

Stapleton’s campaign laughably tried to justify their candidate’s chronic absences by saying that Stapleton “has stopped by his office over the last several weeks.”