AG Weiser, Vinson Statements on Trump’s Continued Assault on ACA

AG Weiser, Vinson Statements on Trump’s Continued Assault on ACA

Denver, CO — The Colorado Democratic Party released the following statements in response to Trump and Republicans filing briefs before the Supreme Court Thursday night in support of repealing the ACA in full. A new report found that 470,000 Coloradans could lose their healthcare coverage if the lawsuit to repeal the ACA is successful. 

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser: 

“No person, no matter their zip code, should have to forgo lifesaving healthcare or treatment because it’s too expensive. Medicaid expansion made possible under the ACA has brought healthcare to 400,000 Coloradans, and it is cruel and unconscionable that in the middle of a global pandemic, Donald Trump and Republican Attorneys General would continue their assault on the ACA in court as they have Thursday night. As the lawyer for the people of Colorado, I remain as committed to protecting people’s healthcare as I did when I added Colorado the multistate lawsuit to defend the ACA. I will not stop fighting until Bill Barr’s Justice Department’s attack on the rule of law and our entire healthcare system is finally put to rest.”

Colorado Democratic Party Executive Director Halisi Vinson:

“Thanks to Trump’s incompetent response to COVID-19, our country is facing record unemployment levels, with the Black unemployment rate being the highest it’s been since 2010 at 16.7%. Yet despite that, Trump and his Republican comrades have the audacity to continue their heartless crusade to destroy the ACA. A lawsuit that, according to a new study, could strip 470,000 Coloradans of their healthcare and gut protections for people like my 27-year-old son who has asthma and the 2.4 million other Coloradans who live with pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile, Trump and his enablers like Cory Gardner, Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, and Scott Tipton have yet to even provide an alternative plan if their callous plot to repeal the ACA in court succeeds. Make no mistake — this is just about feeding Donald Trump’s ego in his quest to destroy the legacy of our first Black president. Coloradans won’t have it, and that’s why we will vote out Trump and Gardner this November.”