ALMOST THERE. Colorado Dems in U.S. Senate Secure COVID Relief

ALMOST THERE. Colorado Dems in U.S. Senate Secure COVID Relief

Photo Credit: Liz Weber, Durango Herald

The American Rescue Plan includes Senator Michael Bennet’s American Family Act to Cut Childhood Poverty Nearly in Half

Denver, CO – Minutes ago, after hours of Republican obstruction to derail it, the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate passed the first major piece of legislation of the Biden Presidency — the highly popular American Rescue Plan. 

The COVID-relief legislative package not only includes $1,400 checks and unemployment insurance benefits, but it also includes Senator Michael Bennet’s American Family Act — ambitious policy that, estimates show, would lift millions of American children out of poverty.

This stands in stark contrast to 2017, when the first major piece of legislation that passed out of the Republican-controlled House, Senate, and White House was a “drunken tax giveaway”, as the Denver Post editorial dubbed it.

“Democrats promised that they would deliver COVID-relief and put working families first with their legislative priorities if voters elected them, and that’s exactly what they accomplished with passing the American Rescue Plan out of the Senate,” said Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. 

“While much more work needs to be done to build our country back better and stronger, this sweeping legislation is a major step in showing the American people that they haven’t been left behind in this pandemic. Additionally, thanks to Senator Michael Bennet’s leadership, this legislation will not only give immediate relief to families in the form of $1,400 checks and unemployment insurance, but it will cut childhood poverty by nearly half. To quote President Biden, that’s a BFD.

“Republicans in Congress have fought this measure tooth and nail, and unfortunately for them, it’s shown Coloradans and voters across the country that they have no interest in helping struggling families. Thanks to the hard work of Colorado Democrats in Congress, and their colleagues in the Democratic majorities, the hardest hit among us will begin seeing relief quickly as we move forward together to crush the virus and get our economy back on track,” Carroll concluded.

Specifically, the American Family Act would:

  • Increase the Child Tax Credit from $2,000 per year to $3,000 per year per child under 17, and $3,600 per year for children under the age of 6.
  • Make the Child Tax Credit fully refundable to ensure lower income families receive the full credit per child. 
  • Pay families in advance, on a monthly basis.
  • Index the Child Tax Credit for inflation going forward.