As Democratic Voter Registration Grows in Colorado, New Poll Shows More Americans Identify As Democrats Nationwide As GOP Loses Voters

As Democratic Voter Registration Grows in Colorado, New Poll Shows More Americans Identify As Democrats Nationwide As GOP Loses Voters

Voter registration data in Colorado shows Dems lead in total new registered voters since the 2020 election

Denver, CO — As Democrats grow their advantage among registered voters in Colorado, a new Gallup poll shows that Democrats across the country now hold their largest advantage over Republicans in nearly a decade.

Thousands of Republican voters unaffiliated from the Colorado Republican Party after the coup attempt by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. As Republican voter registration in Colorado has continued to plummet at an extraordinary rate, Democratic gains come as President Joe Biden, along with the leadership of Colorado Democrats like Senator Michael Bennet, has successfully passed policies like the American Rescue Plan and American Family Act, which are extremely popular with voters across the political spectrum. 

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“Since 2018, when Colorado Democrats won historic victories up and down the ticket, Colorado voters have seen the positive results of what happens when Democrats are elected. Under Democratic leadership with Governor Polis and our Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, we have passed policies to support small business, increase access to affordable housing, reform our criminal justice system, fight the influence of dark money, protect our public lands and natural environment, and fund our classrooms. 

“At the federal level, Joe Biden and Democrats are getting the job done and have reminded American voters what competence in government looks like after four years of incompetence and corruption with Republicans in charge. With all that in mind, it’s no surprise to me that more and more people are affiliating with the Democratic Party, and less and less people are affiliating with the Republican Party. 

“But, we refuse to take anything for granted. While this poll is welcome news, we at the Colorado Democratic Party will continue the work to earn every vote. While the Colorado Republican Party has failed to learn any lessons from their losses by continuing to promote fringe conspiracies and elect candidates who value self-promotion over servant leadership, we will keep engaging with and listening to communities all across our state. Just like we did in 2018 and 2020, we will continue to organize at the grassroots level, keep the public informed of how Democrats are fighting for them, and how — unlike the Republican Party — the Democratic Party is the big-tent party of working people, big ideas, and building a better future for all.

USA Today: Gallup poll shows largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation in a decade

By Chelsey Cox

More Americans identify as Democrats than Republicans by a margin that hasn’t been seen in a decade, according to a report released by Gallup on Wednesday.

An average of 49% of adults age 18 and older reported Democratic Party affiliation or said they are independent with Democratic leanings throughout the first quarter of 2021, the pollster reported. The survey was conducted by phone from January-March. 

In comparison, 40% of adults identified as Republican or Republican-leaning. The 9% difference is the Democrats’ largest advantage since the fourth quarter of 2012, according to the report.

…Democrats have typically held a 4 to 6 point advantage over Republicans.  Shortly before the first quarter of the year, the gap in affiliation was virtually nonexistent before Democrats’ advantage widened by 9%.

…The rise correlates with the decline in Republican Party identification, just as in 2013, when the GOP saw a drop in the popularity during the government shutdown over the Affordable Care Act.

…The passing of the COVID-19 relief package in March, a decline in new infections and deaths from the coronavirus and the push for mass vaccinations preceded a rise in affinity for the Democratic Party, according to Gallup.