As Protesters Demand Gardner Gets Back To Work, Donor Admits “Cory Gardner Has a Different Agenda”

As Protesters Demand Gardner Gets Back To Work, Donor Admits “Cory Gardner Has a Different Agenda”

57 Days Since Gardner Talked Tough But Cowered to McConnell

Denver, CO – With COVID-19 causing more than 600,000 Coloradans to file for unemployment, extended unemployment insurance set to expire in just weeks, and tens of thousands now uninsured during a health pandemic, yesterday Coloradans protested outside Senator Cory Gardner’s private in-person fundraiser and outside his Fort Collins office to demand he get back to work to provide relief.

Gardner predictably refused to meet with the protesters drawing attention to his record on health care and COVID relief, but KGNU reports that one “partygoer” at his “high-donor fundraiser at a private home in an exclusive Longmont neighborhood” told the group that “Cory Gardner has a different agenda.”


Last week, members of AFL-CIO and other prominent Colorado unions protested outside Gardner’s office to demand he return to Washington to provide Colorado’s workers and families additional resources to cope with impacts of coronavirus.

Ironically, nearly 60 days ago, Gardner pulled a political stunt by saying it would be “unfathomable” for the Senate to leave for recess before taking further action on COVID-19 relief — but since caving to his party bosses in Washington, Gardner has gone on recess twice, showing again why he is “Mitch McConnell’s right-hand man.”

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Coloradans need help, but Senator Gardner is fundraising with wealthy donors who admit he has ‘a different agenda’ instead of standing up for Coloradans when they need him most. Senator Gardner needs to go back to Washington and get back to work extending unemployment, stopping Republican attacks on our health care, and fighting for us instead of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and their wealthy donors.”