As SCOTUS Protects Women’s Health, Gardner is *Still* Attacking Reproductive Rights

As SCOTUS Protects Women’s Health, Gardner is *Still* Attacking Reproductive Rights

Where Does Gardner Stand on the Rigid 22-Week Abortion Ban? 

Denver, CO – While the Supreme Court struck down a rigid anti-choice Louisiana law as unconstitutional, Senator Cory Gardner still believes that states should be able to ban abortion — even without exceptions for rape or incest — and confirmed two of the justices who dissented today. Gardner, who “dishonestly tried to assure Colorado voters in 2014 that, if elected, he would not permit erosion of women’s reproductive rights,” has a long record of trying to put politicians between patients and their doctors, supporting personhood measures in Congress, voting at least 10 times to defund Planned Parenthood, confirming Trump’s rigid anti-choice judicial nominees, and voting for two anti-choice bills this year alone.

No Comment Cory hasn’t said where he stands on a ballot measure anti-choice activists and the Colorado Republican Party will ask Coloradans to vote on this fall, even though he voted for similar legislation in Congress earlier this year. Colorado voters have rejected three separate attempts to restrict women’s reproductive rights in the past 12 years, but the GOP and anti-choice proponents are continuing their crusade with a ballot measure to ban abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy — providing “no exceptions for rape, incest, or to preserve the patient’s health.” 

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll:

“While today we celebrate the Supreme Court decision that affirms women’s right to choose, we are also reminded that Senator Gardner has crusaded to restrict reproductive rights for years — voting for abortion bans and to confirm judges that dissented in today’s ruling, all while he claimed he was not a threat to women’s reproductive choice in his 2014 campaign. Senator Gardner’s unrelenting efforts to put politicians between doctors and patients is out of step with Coloradans and come November, we will elect a new Senator who is a pro-choice champion.”