At 100 Days, POTUS Can Tout Billions in Colorado Relief, Colorado Getting Back on Track

At 100 Days, POTUS Can Tout Billions in Colorado Relief, Colorado Getting Back on Track

Denver, CO — This evening, President Joe Biden will make his first primetime address to a joint gathering of Congress, marking his first 100 days as President, and all the accomplishments Democrats have delivered for the American people.

A lot of stories have been written about how the American Rescue Plan has helped struggling Coloradans. Here’s how this popular legislation — thanks in large part to Senator Michael Bennet’s American Family Act — is supporting Colorado.


  • Economic impact payments of up to $1,400 per person for more than 3,365,700 adults and 1,364,600 children. This is 82% of all adults in the state and 81% of all children in the state. 
  • Additional relief of up to $1,600 per child through the Child Tax Credit to the families of 1,109,000 children, lifting 57,000 children out of poverty
  • Additional relief of up to nearly $1,000 through the Earned Income Tax Credit to 299,000 childless workers, including many in frontline jobs
  • $3.926 billion in state fiscal relief
  • $2.088 billion in local fiscal relief
  • More than $1.211 billion in relief for K-12 schools

Halisi Vinson, Executive Director of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“Colorado is getting back on track, and that’s thanks to the leadership of President Biden, Governor Polis, and Democrats in the state legislature and in Congress — with zero thanks to Congressional Republicans. For the past four years, Washington under Republican rule was laser-focused on making the rich richer and big corporations bigger, all while dragging its feet on meaningful help for working people. In just 100 days, President Biden has led an all hands on deck effort to get our communities healthier and economically recovered, all with a sense of urgency that was absent from the previous administration.

“Here in Colorado, our schools are receiving billions to get kids back in school safely, our small businesses are getting the support they need to reopen and stay open, joblessness is falling, and Colorado families are getting badly-needed relief. Make no mistake though, there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I am confident that tonight, we’ll hear a clear vision from President Biden on how he will continue to lead our state and our country back in the right direction — even if Republicans continue to sit on their hands and refuse to do anything to help their constituents.”