Author: Bruce Norikane

DEFEND OR DODGE: Gardner Remains Silent on Trump’s “Wasted Months”

As Gardner Refuses to Rate Trump’s Response to COVID, The Colorado Democratic Party Launches A New Series Highlighting Trump’s Missteps And Failures — And Whether Gardner Will Defend Or Dodge Them  Denver, CO – In a leaked memo from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican Senators were advised “don’t defend Trump” when asked about his…
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Gardner Refuses To Rate Trump’s Botched Coronavirus Response As More Reports Show Trump’s Delays Hampered Response

In Videoconference, Gardner Dodges Question Before Abruptly Ending Call Denver, CO – Speaking to a business group late last week, Senator Cory Gardner dodged the question and abruptly ended a videoconference after he was asked to rate President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Gardner ducked the question saying, “I think it’s important to not…
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Does Gardner Agree That State & Local Governments Should Go Bankrupt Responding to Coronavirus Pandemic?

Denver, CO – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued that state and local governments should be able to “use the bankruptcy route” after he refused to include additional needed funds to help communities respond to the coronavirus pandemic. While Senate Democrats fought to provide an additional $150 billion in relief to state and local governments,…
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