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Do I need identification?
Yes. First-time voters voting by mail will need to submit a photocopy of an acceptable form of ID with their mail ballot. People voting in person will need to show an acceptable form of ID. Colorado does not require a photo ID.

What are acceptable forms of ID?
1) A valid CO driver’s license
2) A Department of Revenue ID card
3) A U.S. passport
4) A federal, state, county, city, or other government employee ID card with photo
5) A pilot’s license issued by the FAA or other authorized agency
6) A valid military ID with photo
7) A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or another government document that shows the name and CURRENT (within 60 days) address of the elector.
8) A valid Medicare or Medicaid card
9) A certified copy of a birth certificate issued in the United States
10) A certified document of naturalization
11) A valid student ID card with photo from a Colorado higher education institution
12) A valid veteran ID card with photo
13) A valid tribal membership card from a federally recognized tribe
14) Verification that a voter is a person committed to the department of human services, confined & eligible.