Boebert Attacks School Shooting Survivor, Still Has No Plan for CD3

Boebert Attacks School Shooting Survivor, Still Has No Plan for CD3

Lauren Boebert has been busy tweeting in her first month in Congress, directing nearly all her tweets at President Biden, all while saying virtually nothing about how she’s working for the people of Congressional District 3.

Today, Boebert found time to attack David Hogg, a survivor from the 2018 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL that killed 17 students and staff members, and injured 17 others.

Former State Representative Bri Buentello:

“Since Boebert took office nearly a month ago, we haven’t heard a single plan for a town hall, nor have we heard any plans she has for bills that would protect our water or generate economic development in Southern Colorado. All we have seen and heard from Lauren Boebert is how much she doesn’t like Joe Biden, how she thinks the 2020 election was rigged, and now, how much contempt she has for survivors of school shootings.

“As a mom, a gun owner, a former educator, and a CD3 constituent, I cannot fathom why Lauren Boebert would insult and mock the survivor of a school shooting that killed 17 children and school staffers. Boebert can find the time to cyberbully trauma victims on Twitter, but evidently can’t find the time to actually do her job as our Congressperson.

“Lauren, mom to mom, put down the damn phone and do the job we taxpayers are paying you to do.”