BREAKING: Gardner “In Full Retreat” After Stunt Fails & He Caves to McConnell

BREAKING: Gardner “In Full Retreat” After Stunt Fails & He Caves to McConnell

Gardner Talks Tough in Colorado, Cowers Back in Washington

Denver, CO – Less than 24 hours after making a show of threatening to block the Senate from going on recess before taking up additional pandemic relief, Senator Cory Gardner caved to his party bosses, per usual, with nothing to show for Coloradans. While an estimated 300,000 Coloradans may have lost their insurance during the pandemic and even more suffer the economic strains, Gardner folded to his party boss on additional relief. 

As ABC predicted yesterday, “the move might not amount to much more than rhetoric, since taking issue on Twitter pales in comparison to objecting to the recess from the Senate floor.”

Once again, Gardner has shown why he is “Mitch McConnell’s right-hand man,” voting with McConnell 95 percent of the time, running McConnell’s Senate Republican campaign arm — and now, bending the knee yet again before his party boss, even as Coloradans are in urgent need of relief. 

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Unfortunately this is what Coloradans have come to expect from Senator Gardner: a lot of talk but no real action to stand up to Mitch McConnell and do what’s right for Colorado. Coloradans are sick of Gardner’s grandstanding and come November, we will elect a new senator who will stand up for our state.”  

Take a look at the reaction to Gardner’s failed political stunt:

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