BREAKING: Gardner Should Condemn Trump or Resign, Says NAACP Leader

BREAKING: Gardner Should Condemn Trump or Resign, Says NAACP Leader

Gardner’s Effort to Save Face On Racial Justice Issues Come Election Year is “Totally Disingenuous” 

Denver, CO – The leader of the NAACP of Colorado sharply criticized Senator Cory Gardner’s silence after President Trump retweeted a racist video showing a supporter yelling “white power,” stating that Gardner either needs to condemn the president, or “he should step down.”  On brand, No Comment Cory has refused to condemn the president’s latest amplification of racist rhetoric on social media, just as he has been deafeningly silent and has repeatedly refused to answer questions on Trump’s controversial statements. Less than 48 hours after Trump retweeted the racist video, the President tweeted an endorsement of Gardner, again. 

To save face come a struggling reelection campaign, Gardner has put forth a “totally disingenuous” effort to hide his spotty record on racial and social justice issues:  

  • Gardner voted against the creation of a pay equity commission and against raising the minimum wage, which would make a substantial difference for all Americans, especially people of color.
  • Gardner has voted multiple times to cut funding for Pell Grants, a key college affordability program that has benefited many students of color.

Colorado Democratic Party Executive Director Halisi Vinson:

“Simply put, Senator Gardner’s effort to save face with people of color in our state is too little, too late. Senator Gardner has given President Trump his unwavering support, regardless of what racist rhetoric or policy the president slings or amplifies. I agree with the leader of the Colorado NAACP — if Senator Gardner won’t condemn Trump for this promotion of white supremacist rhetoric, he should resign.”

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Colorado Times Recorder: NAACP Leader Calls Gardner’s Juneteenth Bill “Totally Disingenuous” Given His Silence on Trump’s Racism

By Erik Maulbetsch | June 30, 2020

  • A leader of the civil rights movement in Colorado has called on Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) to break his silence and denounce President Trump’s racism.
  • “The fact that Cory Gardner has the total support of someone, a president no less, who would retweet “white power” should give us all pause,” said Rosemary Harris Lytle, President of the NAACP Colorado, Montana & Wyoming State Area Conference via email. “Supremacy and bigotry have been a constant threat to the very existence of Black people. Sen. Gardner should immediately distance himself from these despicable ideals — or he should step down. Colorado is entitled to, and must demand, better — for every person, not just white people.”
  • In less than 48 hours, President Trump retweeted a video of a supporter shouting “White Power,” and issued another full-throated endorsement of Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO). The racist tweet drew vocal criticism, including from several other senators, but nothing from Gardner himself.
  • “While I have supported and have called for establishing Juneteenth as a holiday for the last ten years, there is much more that Senator Gardner can and must do. If he believes that Juneteenth should be a paid federal holiday, perhaps he will also fight for the Emmitt Till Anti Lynching Act.”
  • Since then, however, Colorado’s junior senator has refrained from comment on the President’s racist statements, such as when Trump referred to African nations as “shithole countries,” in 2018 or when Trump referred to COVID-19 as “Kung Flu,” during his recent rally in Tulsa.
  • Yesterday, just hours after Trump’s tweet Bennet too repudiated the president’s latest racist message. 
  • An email request for comment from Gardner was not returned.