The 2020 Colorado Caucuses

Breaking down Colorado’s 2020 Caucus

The 2020 Colorado Caucuses will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2020 @ 2:00PM. We’re asking all Democrats to show up to your precinct on Saturday, March 7, 2020, and send a loud message to Republicans that Colorado is a blue state, and that we will win in 2020!

Hold on… Didn’t we get rid of caucuses?

Good question — the answer is “No”! In 2016, voters passed Proposition 107 and 108 which re-established Presidential primaries. Therefore, Colorado will have a primary election on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, for the Presidential race!  However, Colorado (both D’s and R’s) still holds caucus to help select what non-presidential candidates will be on the primary ballot! In 2020, the top office Coloradans will be caucusing for candidates running to be the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate!

Why should I caucus?

Caucus is the first step towards defeating the Republicans in 2020, and it’s YOUR opportunity to make your mark on the Democratic Party! On Saturday, March 7, you will have the opportunity to advocate for which Democrats you want to be on the ballot for the U.S. Senate primary. Have an idea for a change in the Democratic Platform? Have a candidate you’re supporting for U.S. Senate? Want to start your journey to become a National Delegate to this summer’s Democratic National Convention? It all starts at caucus!

The single most important elected position in the Colorado Democratic Party is to be elected by your precinct to be one of the two organizers (aka Precinct Committee Persons or PCPs) for that precinct (that’s 6,266 organizers)!

So, why be a precinct organizer (PCP)? Precinct organizers are community organizers like President Obama was!
– PCPs are THE most local, THE most personal, and THE most effective way to connect with, mobilize and turn out voters to WIN elections. We need YOU to run.
– Precinct organizers are the faces of the Democratic Party for their neighborhood.
– Precinct organizers can register voters, recruit volunteers, inform neighbors about their candidates and elected officials, and help turn out the vote.

How do I become a Precinct Organizer?

– Attend your caucus!
– Raise your hand to say you want to be a Precinct Organizer!
– If your precinct elects you, YOU’RE IN!

Don’t we have a primary election on June 30 for non-presidential candidates?

Yes we do! In Colorado, there are two ways for candidates to make it onto the primary ballot — the caucus and assembly process, and the signature-gathering petition process (some candidates opt to go through both routes)! The caucus and assembly process is run by the party, and the signature-gathering petition process is run by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Candidates going through the caucus and assembly process need caucus-goers to vote for them in their precinct preference polls, and the candidates each need to receive at least 15% of the vote to advance to the county assemblies and conventions. They then each need at least 15% of the vote at the county assembly and conventions to move onto the final stop, the statewide convention and assembly. There, they then need 30% to make it onto the ballot!

Andrew Romanoff, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Trish Zornio are going through caucus + assembly to make it onto the June 30 Primary Ballot. John Hickenlooper and Erik Underwood are going through both the caucus + assembly process and the signature-gathering petition process.

If you’re caucusing, you’ll be able to vote for John Hickenlooper, Andrew Romanoff, Stephany Rose Spaulding, Erik Underwood, or Trish Zornio. Why? Because they’re the five candidates going through the caucus and assembly process to make it onto the ballot!

Diana Bray, Marcos Boyington, Lorena Garcia, David Goldfischer, and Michelle Ferrigno Warren are going through the signature-gathering petition process to qualify for the June 30th primary ballot.

If you support Diana Bray, Marcos Boyington, Lorena Garcia, David Goldfischer, or Michelle Ferrigno Warren, you can help them qualify for the June 30th ballot by signing their petitions!  You have the option to support one candidate at assembly and also support a different candidate by petition.

Who can caucus?

Registered Democrats in Colorado can caucus! Also, if you will be 18 years of age on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (Election Day) — if you are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can caucus!

Friday, Feburary 14, 2020 was the deadline to register as a Democrat, and to have your voter registration reflect where you live so you can caucus in your precinct*!

*Your precinct is an area that encompasses parts or an entire city or town.

Where do I caucus?

There are two steps to finding out where you caucus:

#1: Go to and find your precinct number! (Already know it? Skip Step 1!)

#2: Click here or the button below and enter your precinct number in the search bar. That will pull up your location** to attend caucus on Saturday, March 7, 2020!


**If your location is not on the site, contact your county Democratic Party. It means the location was not provided to the state party.

Is there anything else I have to do to caucus?

If you’re registered to vote as a Democrat, your voter registration reflects where you live, and you know your caucus location, that’s it! All you have to do is show up — be sure to make a plan! ????

Where will the Senate preference poll results be posted?

They’ll be posted at on Saturday, March 7, 2020 as results from precincts are reported to the state party by county parties! Click the button below to check out the results.

If I want to run to be a delegate at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, WI, or a DNC member or an elector, do I have to caucus?

You absolutely should! Don’t forget also to fill out and submit your form by Monday, March 23, 2020 @ 5:00PM MST if you intend to run! Click here or the button below on the left to learn more! Click the button on the right if you’d like to read the 2020 Colorado Delegate Selection Plan!


What comes after the 2020 Caucuses?

Next come the single-county assemblies and conventions (March 17-April 1) and the multi-county assemblies and conventions (March 18-April 17)!


Can I be helpful in any other way?

Yes! The caucuses are run completely by volunteers and the volunteer precinct organizers. There’s much to do and more hands could always be used. Click here or the button below to contact our volunteer coordinator and see how you can get involved!


Want to help, but don’t have the time to volunteer? Caucuses could also use your financial support! Click here or below to help pay for the accommodations and supplies needed to make the 2020 Colorado Caucuses a success!