Clean Campaign Pledge

We are proud to announce the Clean Campaign Pledge Program for the Colorado Democratic Party Primary.

We believe that candidates who run a clean, positive and factual campaign deserve to be recognized. We believe that candidates should campaign to show who has the best vision to represent voters, rather than use unnecessary personal and negative attacks. Not only will it help voters like you find out who will best represent your vision for the future of Colorado, it will help keep the primaries positive so we can help elect Democrats in the General Election.

To spot a candidate that has signed the clean campaign pledge, look for a high resolution clean campaign logo like the one provided here.All candidates taking this pledge and complying with the rules of the pledge will be listed on our website as well.


Candidates who have signed our Clean Campaign Pledge (listed alphabetically):
David Aarstad – CD 6
Amy Beatie – HD 4
Tracy Bernett – HD 12
Diane Mitsch Bush – CD 3
Jason Crow – CD 6
Lisa L. Culpepper – Adams County Treasurer
Diana DeGette – CD 1
Michael Dougherty – Boulder County District Attorney
Kerry Donovan – SD 5
Betty Field – CD 5
Mike Foote – Boulder County District Attorney
Larry Germanson – CD 4
Hazel Gibson – SD 32
Noel Ginsberg – Governor
Julie Gonzales – SD 34
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez – HD 4
Jena Griswold – Secretary of State
Karl Hanlon – CD 3
Louis Irwin – HD 5
Mike Johnston – Governor
Matt Jones – Boulder County Commissioner
Cary Kennedy – Governor
Alan Kennedy-Shaffer – SD 34
Michael Kiley – HD 4
Chase Kohne – CD 4
Donna Lynne – Governor
Gabriel McArthur – Secretary of State
Karen McCormick – CD 4
Barbara McLachlan – HD59
Andrew Mullen – Arapahoe County Treasurer
Maggie Murray – Summit County Treasurer
Joe Neguse – CD 2
Kim Netherton – HD 28
Jared Polis – Governor
Paul Reich – San Miguel County Commissioner
Jim Riesberg – HD 50
Dylan Roberts – HD 26
Charles Scheibe – Treasurer
Shakti – HD 28
Emily Sirota – HD 9
Lesley Smith – CU Regent At-Large
Marc Snyder – HD 18
Stephany Rose Spaulding – CD 5
Erik Stanger – CD 6
George Stern – Jefferson County Clerk
Chantell Taylor – CU Regent At Large
Kerry Tipper – HD 28
Brianna Titone – HD27
Ralph Trenary – SD 15
Phillip Villard – Secretary of State
Mike Weissman – HD 36
Phil Weiser – Attorney General
Ashley Wheeland – HD 9
Mark Williams – CD 2
Lance Wright – SD 32
Dave Young – Treasurer
Danielle Young Kombo – HD 45

Download the Clean Campaign Pledge by clicking here.