Colorado Democratic Party, Electors Condemn Trump Supporters Storming U.S. Capitol

Colorado Democratic Party, Electors Condemn Trump Supporters Storming U.S. Capitol

Denver, CO – The Colorado Democratic Party released the following statements condemning the unlawful activity seen in the U.S. Capitol today by Trump supporters:

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“The Colorado Democratic Party condemns the attempted coup and lawless behavior displayed at the US Capitol, carried out by domestic terrorists in the name of Donald Trump. This is the consequence of elected officials and political candidates entertaining harmful disinformation and unfounded conspiracy theories and spreading them to their followers. 

“This is not a matter of political ideology. This is a matter of putting our country, and the laws on which it was founded, first. Elected leaders and officials from both parties must stand together against this unprecedented threat to our democracy.”

Polly Baca, Presidential Elector: 

“President-elect Biden has demonstrated the leadership needed to confront this assault on our democracy. Under his leadership we will survive and thrive!”

Bryan Hartmann, Presidential Elector: 

“While the Electoral College isn’t without its flaws, I proudly cast an Electoral Vote in adherence to the law and by the will of the people. We can disagree with laws while abiding by them — that is the American tradition. This attempt to subvert our democracy and disregard the will of the people is abhorrent. It’s a direct assault on the US Constitution and the democratic institutions that define us as a civilized people.

“This coup attempt is a disgusting and unforgivable extremist move incited by Donald Trump — We know the disruption will ultimately fail in its purpose, but there will be consequences. Above all else, the will of the people is stronger than anything; their voices will be heard and respected. I’m more proud than ever to have cast the peoples votes for Biden and Harris! We can be confident that much better days are ahead.”

Alan Kennedy, Presidential Elector: 

“As a Colorado presidential elector and a veteran, I am appalled that Trump incited insurrection to prevent Pence from counting our certified electoral votes as required by the Constitution. Trump has pushed our democracy beyond the breaking point and we are seeing the consequences on live television. We are better than this. But make no mistake: We the People will prevail.”

Judi Ingelido, Presidential Elector: 

“I am appalled that these mobs, spurred on by the President of the United States, are violently interfering and trying to stop the Constitutional process by which we elect our President and Vice President and continue the peaceful transition of power. It sickens me to watch Republican senators and representatives call into question the fair and free elections that took place and were supported through many Court decisions, all for their own political aggrandizement. They and Trump have unleashed this horrific mob that we are now watching throughout the country and throughout the world. May God protect our law enforcement.

Anita “Nita” Lynch, Presidential Elector: 

“This unlawful interference of my legitimate electoral vote as a Colorado elector terrifies me and puts our democracy in peril. Our constitution has in place procedure for peaceful transition from one presidency to the next, and this is being thwarted now. This is dangerous, destructive and illegal.”