Colorado Democrats Knock on One Millionth Door

Colorado Democrats Knock on One Millionth Door

Colorado Democrats Knock on One Millionth Door
Massive Grassroots Field Operation Poised to Deliver Democratic Victories Up and Down the Ballot


EVERYWHERE — The Colorado Democratic Coordinated Campaign today reached 1,000,000 doors knocked across Colorado throughout the 2018 campaign.

The Democrats have mobilized more than 6,000 grassroots volunteers from Grand Junction to Denver to Trinidad, getting out the vote for Jared Polis and the entire Democratic slate of candidates. Just last weekend, Democratic volunteers knocked on more than 100,000 doors statewide.

“The ‘blue wave’ we keep hearing about will only happen if Democrats and unaffiliated voters show up and vote, and we’re going to keep working tirelessly over the next five days to turn out every single voter,” said Jake Burns, Field Director for the Colorado Democratic Coordinated Campaign. “Coloradans of all ages and from all walks of life are dedicating their time and energy to helping turn Jared Polis’s bold vision for our state into reality and electing hardworking Democrats up and down the ballot. The grassroots momentum is palpable, and it’s going to carry us to victory, but only if we fight for it.”

Here are some of our volunteers explaining what’s at stake, in their own words:

“I volunteer because I believe the best way to bring about change is to take action for things I care about. It is important to knock doors and have face-to-face contact with voters in order to get them informed and excited. These conversations are what is going to make a difference and make this Blue Wave happen on November 6th!” —Elle, Colorado Springs

“I volunteer to change lives. I work to make the country a better place for future generations. Electing Jared Polis will help our government better represent the people of Colorado — representation matters.” —Elsie, Colorado Springs

“I knock because politics is something that I’ve always been interested in. There are also a few big topics that I believe need to be changed within politics and what better way to get involved than to join a political campaign.” —Eutimio, Pueblo

“I believe in and volunteer for Jared Polis because he will protect and expand healthcare for me and my children.” — Kat Haig, Colorado Springs

“I canvass because getting out and talking to people is more important than posting into the void.” —Ethan, Arapahoe