Colorado Democrats Respond to Trump-Gardner Rally

Colorado Democrats Respond to Trump-Gardner Rally

This morning, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll had an opinion piece published in the Denver Post, predicting what lies Trump and Gardner would spin at tonight’s rally in Colorado Springs. Much of the prebuttal was accurate, as Trump and Gardner took credit for Colorado’s economy while glossing over their roles in undermining Coloradans’ healthcare.

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll, Congressional members Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse and Ed Perlmutter, and General Assembly members Senator Rhonda Fields and Representative Marc Snyder released the following statements in response to Trump and Gardner’s rally:

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll

“What we heard tonight was exactly what we expected — lies and misleading statements from both Donald Trump and Cory Gardner intended to save their floundering political careers. Gardner promised to be an independent voice for Colorado in 2014, and tonight we saw him as a 2020 sell out who puts Trump first and Colorado second. Colorado saw through Trump’s corruption and divisive agenda in 2016, and the fact that Gardner thinks that we would support Trump after all his assaults on our Colorado way of life just shows just how out of touch Gardner is with our state. Gardner has been a loud cheerleader for Trump as he’s degraded the Constitution and undermined Coloradans’ healthcare, and Colorado will show Trump and Gardner the door this November.” 

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (CO-01)

“Colorado knew that Trump wouldn’t align with our values of protecting our wilderness and our clean air and water, and we’ve been proven right. Trump has declared war on our public lands, undoing protection after protection in order to sell them off to the highest bidder. It’s why Republicans in the House and Senate need to get on board with my Wilderness bill that we just passed in the House — so we can ensure Colorado’s beautiful public lands remain in public hands, and away from Trump’s wealthy special interest allies. We know four more years of Trump means four more years of assault on our public lands, and that’s why Colorado will reject him again in November.”

Congressman Joe Neguse (CO-02)

“Across our state, Coloradans are looking for substantive solutions to lower the cost of their healthcare, combat the existential threat of climate change, and address the gun violence epidemic. In every one of these areas and more, President Trump has failed to deliver for the American people. Just last week — after handing a $1.5 trillion tax break to the wealthiest in our nation — the President put vital programs on the chopping block that Coloradans rely on by proposing a budget with draconian cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

“Put simply, rather than uniting us as Americans, time and again the President has sought to divide us with inflammatory attacks, offensive rhetoric, and harmful policies.  Colorado decisively rejected his divisive brand of politics 4 years ago, and I believe our state will do so again this November.”

Congressman Ed Perlmutter (CO-07)

“For three years, we’ve watched Trump betray hardworking people in favor of his rich friends and corporate allies. I am confident Coloradans will do our part and defeat Donald Trump. We will put an end to his attacks on healthcare, seniors and the environment.”

State Senator Rhonda Fields (Aurora)

“Donald Trump and Cory Gardner are deeply unpopular in this state, and with their agendas to undermine our healthcare and pass tax scams that benefit the wealthiest in our country, it’s no surprise! While Democrats in the state legislature have worked tirelessly to pass good policies that will help working families and increase access to quality, affordable healthcare, Trump and Gardner have worked hand in hand to take care of their wealthy donors. It’s time for Trump and Gardner to both receive pink slips this November.”

State Representative Marc Snyder (Colorado Springs)

“Considering Donald Trump’s history of his campaign not paying bills they own to the cities they did rallies in, I hope Colorado Springs got paid in advance. Trump has a long list of broken promises and bad policies that have hurt working people, and Cory Gardner’s been his biggest accomplice. I look forward to November when we can vote both Trump and Gardner out of office, and elect a new President and U.S. Senator who will put hardworking Colorado families first.”