Colorado Dems Celebrate Earth Day!

Colorado Dems Celebrate Earth Day!

Denver, CO – The Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement commemorating Earth Day 2021:

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“There is no Plan-et B, and I am so thrilled that under Democratic leadership at the state level and at the federal level, we’re working to build a better, cleaner future for our children and grandchildren. Thanks to Democrats in the state legislature, and under Governor Jared Polis’ leadership, we’ve been working to ensure our public lands stay in public hands, our air and water stay clean, and that we continue to invest in ensuring that not only we have modernized infrastructure, but we create the green jobs of tomorrow. Under President Biden, with the work of former secretary John Kerry and our Colorado Democrats in Congress, we’re seeing an effort to modernize our infrastructure that hasn’t been seen in decades.

“I hope fellow Coloradans will join us in enjoying Earth Day today, and that they join us in treating every day like Earth Day. Because we have this one planet we live on, and we can’t take it for granted.”