Colorado Dems Praise House Passage of For the People Act (HR1)

Colorado Dems Praise House Passage of For the People Act (HR1)

“It’s Past Time for Other States to Reach the Colorado Standard”

Denver, CO – The Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement applauding the U.S. House’s passage of the For the People Act — legislation geared at protecting Americans’ constitutional right to vote and our elections from foreign interference. HR1 also includes Congressman Jason Crow’s End Dark Money Act.

“Colorado is a nation-leading example on how to protect voting rights and secure our elections, and it’s past time for other states to reach the Colorado standard,” said Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. 

“The For the People Act will not only protect the constitutional right to vote that is under assault by Republicans in state legislatures, but it will ensure our elections remain free from foreign interference. Additionally, thanks in large part to Congressman Crow, it will shine a light on dark money attempting to influence elections.

“This is a commonsense piece of legislation that will ensure every eligible voter in America enjoys the secure and convenient access to the ballot box we are fortunate to have here in Colorado. Given the number of bills we have seen from Republican state legislators that would suppress voter turnout and put frivolous restrictions on voting rights, the Senate should take up this landmark bill as soon as possible so President Biden can sign it into law,” Carroll concluded.

Colorado’s four Democratic House members are all co-sponsors of the For the People Act. Colorado’s three Republican members of the House voted against the bill, citing misleading information that is debunked here.