Colorado Dems React to Final Presidential Debate

Colorado Dems React to Final Presidential Debate

Denver, CO – Tonight, the Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement in response to tonight’s final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:

Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party Morgan Carroll: 

“The more the American people hear from Donald Trump, the more they are ready for new leadership. Tonight, we saw another disgraceful performance from Donald Trump filled with more lies and more empty rhetoric. Trump made it clear just this morning that his only plan for health care is to destroy the ACA, which would gut protections for 2.4 million Coloradans with pre-existing conditions, and tonight he doubled down. While Colorado families are still struggling due to Trump’s botched response to COVID-19, Trump continues to lie and only talk about himself.

“Meanwhile, what we heard from Joe Biden tonight is emblematic of why he is leading in Colorado and across the country, and why so many voters are turning out at record levels. Our country is ready for decency and competence at the federal level once again, and that’s why in 12 days, we will elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and we will kick Mitch McConnell out of the Senate majority.”