Cory Gardner Gave Trump “Pivotal” Vote To Ram Through SCOTUS Nominee

Cory Gardner Gave Trump “Pivotal” Vote To Ram Through SCOTUS Nominee

Gardner caves to Trump & McConnell & breaks his 2016 commitment for partisan gain, putting ACA & reproductive rights on the chopping block

Denver, CO – Senator Cory Gardner gave the president the “pivotal” vote he needed to ram through a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court nominee just 17 days before ballots are mailed to Coloradans. Less than 12 hours after President Trump pressured Gardner to stay loyal on Fox News, he sold out Colorado and broke his own 2016 standard. Before he caved, Gardner was one of just two Republican holdouts who could keep McConnell from having enough votes to ram through Trump’s nominee this year.

Gardner has recklessly put protections for people with pre-existing conditions “in greater danger than ever,” with the Supreme Court slated to hear a case to repeal the Affordable Care Act just a week after the November election. Now that Trump has secured his votes for another likely anti-choice justice, Roe v. Wade and Coloradans’ reproductive rights are on the line like never before. 

In caving to McConnell, Gardner ignored the wishes of Coloradans to stand by his 2016 commitment, with the Denver Post penning an editorial demanding Gardner uphold his own precedent of letting voters have a say in the nominee and Coloradans, elected officials, and health care advocates protesting outside Gardner’s office demanding he stand up to Trump and McConnell for once.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Make no mistake, Senator Cory Gardner’s cave to his party bosses gave Trump the greenlight to put forth a nominee who could gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, rip health care away from hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, and put reproductive freedoms on the chopping block. Like usual, Gardner has chosen to put his party bosses ahead of Coloradans, failing to represent his constituents.”