Denver, CO — Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll released the following statement in response to Senator Cory Gardner’s vote for Mitch McConnell’s impeachment cover-up:

“After months of ducking Coloradans and running from reporters, today Senator Gardner did exactly what we’ve come to expect from him — voted in lockstep with Mitch McConnell to block witnesses and evidence from Republicans’ sham trial before the Senate. Gardner’s vote today for his party’s cover-up made clear that he has abandoned not only his pledge to serve as an impartial juror in the impeachment trial, but also his campaign promise to be an independent voice for our state. Voters will remember in November how Gardner sold out our country and our Constitution, and put his loyalty to Trump and McConnell ahead of Coloradans.”

In the year since he endorsed President Trump’s re-election, Gardner has scrambled to avoid scrutiny for hugging closer and closer to the president. Gardner spent months earning front-page coverage for his efforts to dodge basic questions about Trump’s conduct, and refusing to say whether he would support a fair trial with first-hand witnesses and evidence backed by a majority of Coloradans.

Despite his best efforts at evasion — including running from reporters on a moving walkway and going viral for repeatedly refusing to say whether it was inappropriate to ask a foreign government to interfere in our elections — Gardner tipped his hand earlier this week when the Wall Street Journal reported that he pushed senators in a closed-door meeting to back the McConnell-Trump cover-up because a fair trial that included testimony from first-hand witnesses would hurt his own re-election prospects.

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