COVID-19 Updates

We’re all paying attention to the scary situation of coronavirus (COVID-19), and how it impacts our democratic processes. Our focus is on protecting public health and safety, while ensuring the wheels of democracy continue to move forward. Check this page for resources and updates we can share on how to keep yourself safe, and what we’re doing to ensure people’s voices and votes will still be heard.

Stay safe, and stay well. We will get through this together.

— Team CDP

For County Delegates

Your counties will still be holding county assemblies and conventions but in a modified way. Click below to see how your counties are modifying their assemblies!

For Assembly/Convention Organizers

Thanks to bipartisan legislation, counties and the state party can adjust their assemblies so they can be held while maintaining public safety. Click here for updates pertinent to your organizing assemblies! 

For Candidates

The assembly/convention process is still progressing, but in a modified way. Make sure you know what the counties are doing, if they rescheduled, and what else you can do to get your candidacy out there!



***April 6, 2020***

Polis Extends Stay-at-Home order from April 11 to April 26, 2020.
“In a special address to the state Monday evening, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he is extending the statewide stay-at-home order, set to expire Saturday, until at least April 26.
“‘If there is any way to safely end it sooner, then we will,’ Polis said. ‘And likewise if Coloradans aren’t staying at home and the numbers of the dead and dying continue to increase, then it could go longer.’

“The governor struck a hopeful tone in his 19-minute speech but emphasized, as he has for weeks, how important it is for Coloradans to obey the state stay-at-home order.”

Click here to read more from the Monday, April 6, 2020 article in the Denver Post.

***March 16, 2020***

– PSA: U.S. Senate Candidate John Hickenlooper has received sufficient signatures to get on the ballot & has therefore withdrawn from the assembly process.
COUNTY ORGANIZERS & DELEGATES: Your future county preference polls for US Senate will now include: Romanoff, Spaulding, Uncommitted, Underwood, Zornio. These candidates will ultimately need to receive 30% or higher at state assembly to get on the June 30 ballot.

***March 15, 2020***

– Dear County Delegates: Your counties will still be holding county assemblies and conventions but in a modified way. Your participation will still be very important — and every remaining party event has a way to participate without being there in person. Check your email for potential updates or check in directly with your county. As a county delegate you are pledged, but not bound to support the same candidate you caucused for. There will be a new US Senate Preference Poll, nominations for county offices and single-county SDs, HDs, JDs — and important elections to be delegates to multi-county, Congressional and State. You will continue to vote to determine which candidates at each of these stages you support, which will determine which of these candidates make it to the June 30, 2020 primary ballot. — Morgan Carroll

***March 14, 2020***

– Dear 2020 Assembly Candidates: Your assemblies will still happen but check the CDP website to confirm date / time. Most have been converted to some kind of remote meeting. You should talk to the organizers of your nominating assembly for details. Be prepared to appear before web cam, pre-record your nominating speech or write out your nominating speech. If no contest, you may be nominated by acclamation. If it is a contested race, you will still need to get 30% of the vote to be placed on the ballot. Also be prepared to have your nominator, and seconder, email or text the organizer to put your name into nomination. We are recommending candidates reach out to delegates and voters by phone, email or text right now — not in person. — Morgan Carroll

– Update from CDP on State Assembly/Convention and the 2020 Obama Dinner

– The Colorado legislature has adjourned for two weeks (will reconvene Monday, March 30, 2020) out of concern for public health and safety. Click here to read more.

– The Colorado legislature has passed HB20-1359, which will (pending its signing by Governor Polis) give state and county parties the ability to hold remote assemblies and conventions. Click here for more information on the bill!

***CDP Posts on Coronavirus***

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