CPR: Gardner Silent As Trump Ousts Another Watchdog

CPR: Gardner Silent As Trump Ousts Another Watchdog

As Trump’s War on Accountability Continues, Foreign Relations Committee Member Gardner Remains Mum

Denver, CO – In President Trump’s latest move to undermine accountability, he fired the State Department’s Inspector General — the fourth inspector general to be ousted by the president since April. While Senator Cory Gardner’s Republican colleagues called out this as a “threat to accountable democracy” and demanded a justification, Colorado Public Radio reports that No Comment Cory has “remained silent” and has given “no response” on the shocking firing, despite his oversight responsibility as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee: 

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Republican Rep. Ken Buck is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Neither have commented publicly on the decision. 

CPR News has reached out to their offices for comment, but no response has been received.

This latest firing is part of “Mr. Trump’s war on accountability” and comes just a month after the president ousted the independent watchdog assigned to oversee the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. No Comment Cory was scolded by the Colorado Springs Business Journal for his silence on Trump’s disregard for oversight: “without nonpartisan oversight, this relief program becomes a slush fund for the president, his political allies and corporate friends.

Gardner’s blind allegiance to Trump is no surprise to Coloradans, as Gardner has unwaveringly supported the president through thick and thin, including Trump raiding money from a Colorado military installation for the boondoggle of a border wall, “plow[ing]” forward with a reckless lawsuit to repeal the ACA, and standing by Trump through their botched coronavirus response.

Colorado Democratic Party Spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“President Trump has once again undermined oversight and thinks he’s above the law — and Senator Gardner is failing to use his oversight power on the Foreign Relations Committee to do anything about it. Gardner’s refusal to stand up to Trump is yet another example of Gardner putting his party bosses first.”