DEFEND OR DODGE: Gardner Remains Silent on Trump’s “Wasted Months”

DEFEND OR DODGE: Gardner Remains Silent on Trump’s “Wasted Months”

As Gardner Refuses to Rate Trump’s Response to COVID, The Colorado Democratic Party Launches A New Series Highlighting Trump’s Missteps And Failures — And Whether Gardner Will Defend Or Dodge Them 

Denver, CO – In a leaked memo from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican Senators were advised “don’t defend Trump” when asked about his coronavirus response, but that ship sailed for Senator Cory Gardner, who has been with President Trump “100%.” No Comment Cory “did not respond,” did not respond directly,” “refuse[d],” or has simply been silent when asked about the Trump Administration’s missteps and failures in the pandemic response. So starting today, the Colorado Democratic Party will be reminding Gardner every day about the answers he still owes Coloradans.

Will Gardner defend or dodge? Trump “wasted months” in coronavirus pandemic response.

While Trump received intelligence briefings concerning the coronavirus in “January and February, months during which he continued to play down the threat,” the President hosted a rally with Gardner “prais[ing] each other.” Instead of holding the president accountable for “denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged” and his “wasted months” failing to secure additional needed medical supplies and equipment, Gardner instead points fingers at other countries, the World Health Organization, and the impeachment trial

Gardner “regularly speak[s] with Trump” — so on Trump’s wasted months of denial and dysfunction will Gardner defend or dodge?

Colorado Democratic Party Executive Director Halisi Vinson:

“Coloradans know it’s nearly impossible to get a straight answer from Senator Gardner, so we’re making it easy for him — will he defend the President he’s with ‘100%’ of the time, or will he keep dodging questions about Trump’s botched response? No Comment Cory has sidestepped direct questions about Trump’s missteps — refusing to hold the president accountable when Colorado lives are on the line. Gardner may think that being in Trump’s good graces will get him re-elected, but Coloradans are tired of having a lapdog for a senator and will replace him in November.”