Dems Deliver in Historic Session!

Dems Deliver in Historic Session!

The strangest Colorado legislative session in recent history came to a close today as Democratic elected officials met the moment with a laundry list of accomplishments.

Denver, CO — In a legislative session that started, stopped, and started again while being described as “an 11 on the weird scale” by Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, Colorado Democrats in the House and Senate carried the momentum from their historically productive 2019 session. In the midst of a global pandemic and the murder of a black man by a police officer that shook our nation to its core, Colorado Democrats met the moment with policies that garnered major bipartisan support. 

“The common thread of all the Democratic-led bills we saw passed this year was that Democrats fought for the health, safety, and well-being of all of our communities while holding the powerful and corrupt accountable. At a time when leadership in Washington, D.C. was nonexistent amidst a global pandemic, and when Trump’s botched COVID-19 response drove us into a historic economic and unemployment ditch, Democrats delivered to support our struggling small businesses and working families,” said Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party.

“When Donald Trump chose to hide in his bunker while peaceful protestors cried out for justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Democrats met the moment to make Colorado one of the first to pass historic police reform and accountability legislation, with bipartisan support that did not seem possible just weeks ago. These types of results Democrats delivered are exactly what Coloradans voted for in 2018, and I imagine Coloradans will keep these historic results in mind when they elect Democrats up and down the ticket this November,” Carroll concluded.

Also, remember: If Colorado Republicans in the House and Senate had it their way, they wouldn’t have even come back to work at all.

Among the most notable bills passed:

  • COVID-19 Assistance: Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell didn’t step up, but Colorado Democrats did. Among their return, Dems introduced an ambitious package of COVID-19 related-assistance that included paid sick leave (SB205), small business loans (HB1413), expanded unemployment benefits (SB207), and assistance for housing (HB1410) and food pantries (HB1422).
  • Saving Working People Money: Showing their reputation as caucuses fighting for working families, Democrats passed legislation focused on saving working people money both in their healthcare through reinsurance (SB215) and in their education (SB006 and HB1275). Additionally, they passed consumer protection legislation to prevent the squeeze from being put on our most vulnerable population from predatory price gouging (HB1414) and overly aggressive debt collecting (SB211).  
  • Making Sure the Elite Play By the Same Rules: With Trump crashing our economy as a result of his botched response to COVID-19, Colorado was facing dire budgetary straits. After much negotiation, HB1420 to close tax loopholes for the ultra wealthy and biggest corporations passed as a way to help invest in our teachers and students. We saw similar actions for our environment, as Democrats held polluters accountable (HB1143), increased environmental protections (SB204 and HB1265), and protected our water (HB1119).