Does the Colorado GOP’s Chair Believe the 2020 Election was Stolen? Voters Deserve to Know.

Does the Colorado GOP’s Chair Believe the 2020 Election was Stolen? Voters Deserve to Know.

Colorado GOP Chair Has Repeatedly Dodged Questions about Trump’s Big Lie, Avoided Answering if she supports January 6 Commission

Denver, CO – In a recent sit-down with KOAA’s Rob Quirk in Colorado Springs, Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown continued her pattern of ducking questions about former president Donald Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

QUIRK: “President Trump continues with the stolen election, the fraud, all that stuff. Where do you come down on his comments still rehashing what happened and something frankly that can’t change?”

BURTON BROWN: “I come down on focusing on the future of Colorado. No matter what conservation we’re having, we talk about the solutions that make people’s future in this state better.” 

In the same interview, Burton Brown declined to say if she supported or opposed a January 6th Commission:

QUIRK: “Six months ago today, January 6 riots. I know you just said, what happens on the national level and I’ve heard it from our El Paso County GOP Chairwoman saying, that’s a whole other smoke. We got to focus on what matters locally but let’s… let’s be real about this. It impacts the entire country. This is a conversation about the future of democracy. Do you believe that the Congressional investigation of January 6th is the right way to go?”

BURTON BROWN: “I believe we need to focus on the issues that impact Colorado. When January 6th happened, every single Republican in the state said that violence was never the answer to achieving political goals, and that’s what we continue to say, we need to move on.”

In a departure from Colorado Republicans like Congresswoman Lauren Boebert who have fully embraced the Big Lie, former Colorado GOP chair Dick Wadhams publicly denounced Trump’s Big Lie, arguing that it’s up to the Colorado GOP chair to not spend time on “2020 conspiracy theories”.

WADHAMS: “Spending any amount of time and energy on 2020 conspiracy theories is playing directly into the Democratic opposition’s hands.” 

While Burton Brown had no qualms about suggesting there was fraud in the 2020 election during her run for Colorado GOP chair, she has quickly changed her tune on weighing in on the subject. 

David Pourshoushtari, Spokesperson for the Colorado Democratic Party:

“The Chair of the Colorado Republican Party can’t just avoid this question forever. Trump’s Big Lie is responsible for the violent attempted coup on January 6, and many Republicans have stepped up to denounce these conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Why won’t Kristi Burton Brown?

“Does Kristi Burton Brown believe the 2020 election was stolen? Does she support a January 6 commission? Colorado voters deserve to know where the Colorado Republican Party stands on this question of democracy.”