NameElector CandidatesDNC Member CandidatesWhy should we vote for you?Link to a videoLink to Website
Adrian" Buzz" SweeneyCD 4YesI am All-In-For-Warren. Her communication style and informed content make her voice heard and respected in the public square.
Alan KennedyCD 1NoI’m Alan, progressive Democrat for elector. I will support the Democratic nominee. As a veteran, teacher and civil rights lawyer, I know the most important thing is replacing Trump. We must elect a Democratic president who will for healthcare for all, paid family leave, gun reform, immigrant rights and public education. We have one shot. Thank you.https://youtu.be/5ERwLRjuqe8
Bryan HartmannCD 6NoI'm a dedicated & proven lifelong Democrat running to be your "Voice and Vote" for our nominee! As a First-Responder, I can tell you the stakes have never been higher -- America's at the threshold of hell with a tyrant at the helm. You have my absolute commitment to fight tirelessly for our nominee and win the election in November!https://www.facebook.com/Hartmann4DNC/https://www.facebook.com/Hartmann4DNC/
Cecelia EspenozaYesMy background as a judge, law professor and attorney and active participation in the Democratic Party since I was 16 years old have prepared me to serve on the DNC. I am organized and a fierce advocate. I have the ability to listen and move diverse interests toward compromise. If elected, I would bring experience and knowledge to the position.
Dan PeregoyCD 6YesI am a true Colorado native and a life-long democrat. I have always been heavily involved with campaigns, whether they be local or national. I am now ready to take that next step and become a delegate, and I will take that responsibility very seriously and make you proud. References are available from various democratic campaigns.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVrMt5dul5A
Dennis ArfmannCD 2YesI’m a climate change and clean energy attorney (retired) and do pro bono work for Bill Ritter’s Center for New Energy Economy. I support Joe
Elaine BrushCo-founder of LadyDems, sponsored phone banks 2008 & 2012, held several house parties
Jackie C AndersonCD 6YesI may be a dreamer, but I believe in the greater good. In these times we all have to pull together for the good of the party, the country and the world. I have been talking to people of all parties and walks of life for five years about the urgent need to take issues seriously. I hope to count on your support to continue that work.
James FernaldAt LargeTo paraphrase Hamilton in Federalist 68, the selection of the President should be made by people specially chosen for that purpose. And I want to be in the room where it happens! Vote James Fernald for Elector. As a lifelong Democrat, I would be proud to vote for whomever our Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates are.
Jarrod MungerCD 1NoThis position would allow me to better under the Electoral College and it's processes. I do support the National Popular Vote and would use this opportunity to educate those around me about the Electoral College. I'm uniquely qualified to represent both the urban corridor where I live and the rural communities where I am a poultry producer.
Jerad SuttonCD 4I am running for re-election as the Presidential Elector for CD4. It has been an honor to serve the party in many different leadership positions in Weld County , CD4, and YDA. Through my experience as a Presidential Elector I have given people a first hand account of how the system works, and why we need to move to National Popular Vote!https://www.facebook.com/jerad.sutton
Jeremy KronesCD 2YesI am a passionate and prudent liberal and I believe that the Democratic Party has shifted too far towards the center. I work with people spanning the socio-political spectrum daily and fully understand what it takes to achieve our goals, and will vote for the candidates who not only represent the values of the Party, but the values of the voters.
Jeri ShepherdYesI was elected in 2016 to be part of the CO DNC delegation. We have worked to support progressive reforms, advocate for change, speak truth to power, and respond to the grass roots base. Please re-elect me to the DNC so we can continue to the work. Please check out the page Jeri, Joe, and Richard for Colorado DNC for more info. Thank you.
Joseph SalazarYesAs the 2019 Colorado Democrat of the Year and as a former state representative, I have lived my life advocating for those moral principles we find in our own Party platform. I am running to be a DNC member because we need individuals at the DNC who represent the best and strongest progressive policies that protect people and the environment.
Judith IngelidoCD 5I will be a Faithful Elector, casting my Electoral College vote for the Democratic Pres. and VP candidates that win the popular vote.I believe the Elector has a sacred trust with the voters of Colorado.The responsibility and commitment I bring to my extensive work in the local Party I will bring to my role as Elector.I respectfully ask for vote!
Laurence (Larry) SteeleCD 6Larry Steele, a life-long Democrat has been: Democratic nominee for State Senate from Aurora; Vice Chair of Arapahoe County Democrats; Democratic State Executive Committee; Democratic State Central Committee; House District Chair; Senate District Chair; District Captain; & Precinct Committee Person.
Lori BoydstonAt LargeNoIt is not acceptable that all delegates will go to Biden. Bernie has only Suspended his campaign. I believe more delegates should go for Bernie since that is the will of the Colorado voters.https://www.facebook.com/100000384161550/posts/3224722497550524/
Mannie RodriguezYesI am running to help elect Democratshttps://youtu.be/8WrVmwJ10pE
Michael LopezCD 1YesWe need to beat Trump in 2020. That means we all need to be on board with the Democratic Party to get the job done. I have served as a district officer and a PCP for the Denver Dems since 2010. Progressive values are important to me. Winning means we have to integrate these values into our platform and our candidates. That is what I will do.
Montra Denise Nichols-martinCD 7YesRetired USAF Major RN,BSN,MSN Vietnam era and a Desert Storm veteran, Critical care surgical ICU, Flight Nurse, Nurse Educator 4 universities College of Nursing,2community colleges.Advocate for Gulf War Illness Research, and coauthor of several research articles on Gulf War Illnesses.Represent veterans, rest military,nurses, educators, researchers
Patricia TurnerCD 5YesI will faithfully represent those who brought me this far. I have ended the other work I normally do to dedicate myself to turning our government around. I am a retired Marine Research Scientist and have created 2 chapters of Citizens' Climate Lobby to address climate change. The inequity of wealth in our country must be addressed as well.https://www.sacredearthfound.org/
Paul RosenthalCD 1As a teacher at a youth correctional facility now for the past 10 years, I work every day to promote every student to reach his potential. As a member of the Colo. House for 6 years, I passed progressive legislation on criminal justice reform and renewable energy. I did events & gave awards to promote kids & people with no voice in the community.http://www.paulforrtd.com
PK KaiserCD 6YesI am first generation immigrant. After losing six election campaigns, I was elected to serve as Arapahoe County Assessor where I am serving since 2018. You might have heard about Arapahoe County Assessor's honesty, transparency, and skill set. I want to take my consistency, competency, and diversity to DNC. I am respectfully asking for your vote.http://www.vote4kaiser.com
Radhika NathI am running to elevate the voices of all Coloradans. With my expertise in policy, & as an immigrant, a disability rights advocate, a social justice activist, a mother & a former foster parent, I will advocate for values & programs that serve all of us. We can create a better way of life grounded in liberal values and socially just policies.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPuxNRAHR60https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Radhika-Nath-for-Colorado-DNC-2020-105895924422439/
Randy PerlisCD 6YesI am a life long Democrat. I was elected 3 times to the Cherry Creek Board of and Education (2007, 2009, 2013), ran for House District and Aurora City Council (1999).40 (1996)
Rhonda FieldsI am asking for your vote to be a DNC 2020 Delegate for Michael Bloomberg. My objective is simply to be an active participant in the Democratic National Convention, to nominate and confirm a candidate for President and VP of the United States, as well as confirm our platform
Richard ClarkCD 7I'd be honored to be one of Colorado's electors in 2020. I've spent my adult life as an educator, advocate with individuals with special needs, and getting people access to healthcare. We must make sure the blue team keeps us moving forward. No chance of a faithless voter here, we need results not a policitcal stance.
Roger FangAt LargeYesI'm a PCP, life-long Democrat since becoming of age to vote, an ATU Local 101 member of 4 years, and a voter registration-drive volunteer. I would like to bring progressive values to the Biden campaign including universal health care, clean energy, gun control, immigrant rights, and represent working people and values of diversity and inclusivity.
Selso LopezAt LargeNoAs an elector I will serve as a voice for rural Colorado and Colorado as a whole. I will be a voice for the people and not corporations. I was a national delegate for Clinton, worked on multiple coordinated campaigns. I am retired, used to be an ER clerk. Volunteered on many campaigns.Happily married with one son. No email but you can call me.
Sheila LiederCD 1YesFirm believer you are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem, there is a lot of problems in DC these days! I’ll work tirelessly 4 the nominee! Unwavering delegate & early BIDEN endorser! I’d love to be a delegate, in the 100th Anniversary of granting Women the Right to Vote. Vote 4 Sheila Lieder, 2 B a Leader, @ the DNC. Thanks!https://youtu.be/PlHUN_efKa8https://www.facebook.com/Sheila-Lieder-2020-DNC-Delegate-105699217748727/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Silverton House-WhitehorseCD 3YesI’m 36, A Full Blooded Native American- Ute Mountain Ute Tribe - Precinct #6 - Montezuma County Colorado. I am a part of a nonprofit organization as a volunteer with LGBTQ+2S Community/Youth, I help organize along side an amazing group “Montezuma Prides #1 Historical Event in a Conservative- Republican District - I’m very Vocal - Thank you
Steve SingerCD 1YesFor 3 simple reasons ... 1) My passion for defeating Trump & Gardner ... 2) My background as a Big 4 audit partner, I'm focused on details, execution, and meaningful results. Ask more, talk less. Find common ground for the greater good. ... 3) My legacy: While new to Colorado, I want to leave this world a better place than I found it.https://zoom.us/rec/share/2u0paPLS5CBJU4Hn0H3Nda0ALtTET6a8hiVN__BfnU_7MXt7vhWDTTMaczmpI1uJ?startTime=1586292415000