Erik Aadland and Peter Yu Embrace Extreme Texas Abortion Ban While Eli Bremer “Uncomfortable” Having a Position

Erik Aadland and Peter Yu Embrace Extreme Texas Abortion Ban While Eli Bremer “Uncomfortable” Having a Position

Denver, COFollowing the Supreme Court decision to strip away abortion access and reproductive freedom from millions of women effectively overturning Roe vs. Wade, Erik Aadland and Peter Yu embraced the draconian law while Bremer continued to hide.

Hiding and not taking a position on critical issues is becoming a trend for Bremer. He has yet to hold a public event in the three weeks since he’s announced on Fox News and when asked to take a stance on the bipartisan infrastructure package, he was “uncomfortable” coming out with a position.

When will Bremer stop hiding from Coloradans and take positions on critical issues that affect millions of Americans?


Colorado Politics reported on where the candidates stand on Texas’ draconian law to ban abortion: 

Erik Aadland: “I support Texas’s (and that of any State’s for that matter) right to adjudicate abortion at the State level in alignment with the will of their constituency,” Aadland wrote in a text message. “I want the Federal government out of the issue altogether and I am absolutely against any Federal funding of abortion.”

Peter Yu: The Texas law “effectively banning abortion after six weeks is in line with the 10th amendment of the Constitution… As a candidate running for office at the federal level, I believe the federal government should be a government of ‘limited and enumerated powers’ and abortion exceeds the national government’s enumerated powers. Abortion should be handled at the state level, as this exceeds federal powers.

Eli Bremer: Said in a text message to Colorado Politics that he wasn’t comfortable commenting because it wasn’t clear whether the high court was simply waiting for another case that could establish a clearer precedent to reach its docket. 


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