For Assembly/Convention Organizers

For Assembly/Convention Organizers

Assembly & Convention Organizers:

Thank you for being s/heroes of democracy! Your job was already hard enough before coronavirus and you have all adapted like the true champions you are. Thank you for rising to this moment!

  • We are still holding assemblies and conventions but will need to do so in a modified way to protect the health and safety of all involved.
  • Under emergency legislation (HB20-1359) and executive order (D 2020 005) you can know how your assemblies remotely and vote remotely.
  • Remote may mean: Any off site option. (Conference Call, Webinar).
  • While you must afford the opportunity to vote on legally required items, you do not have to convene meeting to do so.
  • Voting can take place: in person, via survey, on conference call, via email, mail or text so long as you can identify who is voting, how they are voting and can document and record all votes that took place. Votes must have a documented trail that others can review.
  • Under the emergency rules, quorum can be reduced or waived to those who participate.
  • The usual 10 day call notice can be reduced to 3 days (although more time is better).
  • A present delegate can carry up to 5 proxies at an in person meeting.
  • Candidates can be placed into nomination electronically by sending in the names of the mover / seconder ahead of time. You can also waive the need for a mover / seconder and just treat your 10 day notice as putting the candidate on the ballot.
  • Candidates will be urged to create You Tube videos (with closed captioning which is FREE in Your Tube edit features) and to provide a copy of their written nomination speeches.
  • US Senate candidates have been told they can record a video up to 5 minutes and that each county will either play or share links to it with delegates to view. (It is unfair for them to have 64 different video requirements).
  • Other candidates should check with you on how to you to receive, share their speeches in your program but overall should be allowed to either appear before a web-cam, in a live meeting, or share some pre-recorded video and written speech. It is up to you whether you play it or just share links ahead of time.
  • State party staff is working remotely. All calls to our main line are being forwarded to us, or you can reach us by our cell phones. We have assigned one dedicated staff member to support each county, and multi-county assembly and convention and are here to help.
  • If you want it, you will have access to our GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or Survey Monkey at no charge to you.
  • Coordination of multi-county district assemblies and conventions is the responsibility of the state party. We will be reaching out separately on planning CD, JD, SD and HD multi-county districts and assemblies.
  • Do not share your call in numbers or webinar links online as GOP has shown they are willing to infiltrate and interfere with voting and Democratic meetings. (See Iowa).
  • We will need you to report all the data / votes collected at your county assembly the night of completion so we can get them into to VAN and generate timely notice, calls and ballots for multi-county assemblies and conventions.

Updated timeline with legislation:

Governor Polis has released an executive order that further enables counties and candidates to conduct their assemblies and candidacies respectively while abiding by best practices to keep people safe in the wake of COVID-19. This includes, among other things, a suspension of the normal requirement of in-person notarization of paperwork. Click here to read more about the executive order.

John Hickenlooper has received sufficient signatures to get on the ballot & has therefore withdrawn from the assembly process.

ORGANIZERS: Your future county preference polls for US Senate will now include: Romanoff, Spaulding, Uncommitted, Underwood, Zornio. As a reminder, candidates will ultimately need to receive 30% or higher at state assembly to get on the June 30 ballot.