For Candidates

For Candidates

Dear Candidates: Thank you for running for office! Your assemblies are still meeting, but in a modified way.

FOLLOW CHANGES TO COUNTY ASSEMBLIES HERE: We are update our website continuously to reflect changes to the 64 counties assemblies formats, dates or times. Bookmark here to stay current: Changes to multi-county assemblies will be posted soon here:

NOMINATIONS / SECONDS – You should be prepared to submit the name of your nominator / seconder to the organizers ahead of time and they can accept those electronically.

US SENATE CANDIDATES – YOUR SPEECHES AND VIDEOS: Send us your You Tube video 5 minutes or less (using closed caption feature FREE with You Tube edits) and send along a written speech (for locations without decent broadband) to Pete Williams at and we will forward to all 64 counties with the guidance to play / share for each of their county assemblies. We will forward the ones we receive to the counties. If you do not send it to us, it won’t be included.

DEAR U.S. CONGRESSIONAL, CU REGENT & STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES: The timing of your Congressional District Assemblies may have changed. None of these meetings will be able to be held in person due to health and safety reasons. Please record a You Tube video with closed caption (FREE in You Tube editing) along with a written copy of your speech and your nominator / seconder speeches and send to Pete Williams, by April 1, 2020 and we will distribute it to all voting Delegates on your behalf. These meetings will be pivoted into an electronic ballot and CD Assembly Delegates will be given a copy of your video and written speech(es).

ALL OTHER CANDIDATES – You need to contact your assembly organizer to ask them how they are running their meeting and how long they are instructing candidates the video should be. Be prepared to appear before web cam, pre-record your nominating speech or write out your nominating speech. They may play your video live, share links to your video & / or share your written speeches depending on availability of technology.

CANDIDATE THRESHOLD – Assembly candidates must still receive 30% or more support to get on the ballot. Any receiving less than 30% at their final nominating assembly will not be on the Democratic primary ballot under Colorado law.

METHODS VOTING – The method of balloting will be different depending on the assembly and under emergency rules can include: mail ballot, e-balloting or survey, recorded voice vote, email or text. All voting methods must be able to identify who is voting, that they are an eligible delegate to vote, and how they voted in each item.

CAMPAIGNING – We are encouraging all Democratic candidates to cease live, in person events and do your voter contact via phone, text, email, or social media. If you need VAN please contact and if you need a text contract please contact

SUBMITTING YOUR PAPERWORK: Normally, County candidates must submit their nomination candidate paperwork their County Clerk and all other candidates to the Secretary of State within 4 days of your nominating assembly. Under emergency measures you will have until May 1, 2020 to submit your paperwork, but we recommend getting in ASAP. Governor Polis has suspended requirements in person signatures and notaries and directed the Secretary of State to promulgate rules or modified forms.