Gardner Dodges Questions on Trump “Sabotaging” USPS, Postmaster General Slowing Mail Delivery

Gardner Dodges Questions on Trump “Sabotaging” USPS, Postmaster General Slowing Mail Delivery

DeJoy’s leadership causing delay in veterans getting medication

Denver, CO – Today, Senator Cory Gardner dodged questions on the slowdown of mail delivery and President Trump’s controversial Postmaster General, refusing to stand up for our Postal Service and all the vital goods it delivers. While Trump continues to deliberately “sabotag[e]” the USPS in a “transparent effort to try to suppress participation in the November 2020 election,” Gardner was caught just last week parroting Trump’s talking points bashing nationwide vote by mail, despite being elected by it.  

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has worked to undermine the election, removing high-speed letter sorters and removing mail-in ballots from priority mail, leading to other consequences like delays in veterans receiving their medications. Gardner “did not directly” answer a question on DeJoy’s failed leadership, another dodge on the books for Gardner. 

As Gardner refuses to stand up for the USPS and Coloradans, Colorado’s Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Senator Michael Bennet spoke out this morning about our safe, secure, and effective vote-by-mail system and against the Trump administration’s reckless attacks on the USPS. 

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“President Trump is openly attacking the USPS and our constitutional right to vote, and Senator Gardner is failing Coloradans with his silence. Coloradans value the post office and its hardworking employees for delivering our medications, goods, and ballots, but Gardner is too spineless to stand up to Trump’s attacks on something as vital to Coloradans as the Postal Service.”