Gardner Dodges Questions on Trump’s Visa Ban, Refusing Again to Stand Up for Colorado Businesses & Immigrants

Gardner Dodges Questions on Trump’s Visa Ban, Refusing Again to Stand Up for Colorado Businesses & Immigrants

Denver Post: “The Republican, who is up for reelection this year, did not directly address the president’s 2020 ban” 

Denver, CO – After President Trump recklessly banned many work visas that are essential to Colorado’s economy, the Denver Post reports that Senator Cory Gardner is sidestepping questions about the president and — predictably — failing to stand up to his own party when Colorado’s immigrant and business communities need him most. 

That’s not the only time Gardner chose to stand by the president instead of with Colorado’s immigrant community. In a Colorado Politics op-ed, infectious disease specialist Dr. Carlos Franco-Paredes explains how Gardner has failed Colorado DACA recipients: 

DACA recipients would have never been subject to the whims of the Trump administration, however, if it weren’t for the failure of U.S. senators like Colorado’s Cory Gardner.  Gardner tries to position himself as a moderate, but he merely talks the talk. When President Trump ordered DACA to stop accepting new applications in September 2017, he left it to Congress to adopt legislation to permanently protect the DACA program.  If Gardner had done his job and pushed the Senate to pass common sense legislation to protect DACA, the Supreme Court never would have needed to evaluate whether or not Trump could terminate DACA.

Gardner made a big show of keeping the Senate in session in May to pass coronavirus relief legislation, but he is indifferent to the Heroes Act passed by the House, a COVID-19 relief package that includes automatically renewing the work permits of DACA recipients. 

It’s clear that Gardner won’t act to protect a widely supported immigration program because he’s beholden to Trump. DACA recipients, their families, and their communities deserve better than Gardner, and it’s time to vote him out.  With Trump out of office and Democrats holding the Senate majority, we can pass legislation protecting DACA recipients right away in 2021.

Gardner, who has voted multiple times himself to block DACA, has also opposed bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform and even refused to meet directly with immigration activists.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen: 

“Senator Gardner is again choosing his allegiance to President Trump over Colorado’s immigrant communities, health care workers, and economy. Gardner promised to stand up to his party when they’re wrong, but instead, he won’t even say Trump’s name — his cowardice has failed Colorado.”