Gardner Pretends He Hasn’t Seen New Report on Trump & China

Gardner Pretends He Hasn’t Seen New Report on Trump & China

Gardner Again Dodges Reporter’s’ Questions on Trump, This Time On President Reportedly Asking China’s Leader For Re-Election Help

Denver, CO – After former National Security Advisor John Bolton released a bombshell account alleging President Trump encouraged Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him in his reelection bid and “signaled his approval” of detention camps, Senator Cory Gardner dodged multiple reporters’ questions on the topic, refusing to hold the president accountable. 

Gardner has become known for “avoid[ing] the pressand dodging questions on Trump, including just last week when Gardner was confronted with a print out of Trump’s tweet peddling a conspiracy theory about a 75-year-old peaceful protester who was severely injured. Last fall, Gardner infamously refused to give a straight answer to questions on Trump asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival. 

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“These questions are basic. Senator Gardner’s continued refusal to hold the president accountable for his rhetoric and actions shows his allegiance to President Trump is more important than the interests of Coloradans. Coloradans are sick and tired of their senator putting his party leader first, and are ready to elect an independent leader who will defend our health care, environment, and Colorado way of life.”