Gardner Still Silent On Pendley — Who Has Pushed to Sell Public Lands — Even As He Greenwashes Record

Gardner Still Silent On Pendley — Who Has Pushed to Sell Public Lands — Even As He Greenwashes Record

Anti-Public Lands Zealot Pendley Escapes Vote But Continues “to Lead” BLM

Denver, CO – With new reports that the White House will withdraw its widely criticized nomination of William Perry Pendley from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Senator Cory Gardner is reacting as you would expect: by saying nothing. Reports show that anti-public lands zealot William Perry Pendley will continue “to lead the Bureau of Land Management” despite the Trump administration pulling his formal nomination — so Gardner doesn’t have to take a vote and can remain deafeningly silent as Trump’s attack on our environment and public lands continue.

Today Gardner again sidestepped questions on Pendley, refusing to speak out on the crusade against our public lands and the Trump administration quietly keeping Pendley in charge.

This adds to Gardner’s quiver of refusals to speak out on Pendley, despite his assertion that the “Founding Fathers intended all lands owned by the federal government to be sold,” climate science is a hoax, and public lands and wildlife don’t need protections. Pendley’s nomination has earned widespread disapproval — including from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial board, where Gardner often touts relocating the BLM. Public lands advocates across Colorado are saying “there’s really no one less qualified to lead the BLM,” pointing to Pendley’s own writings.  

And now Gardner won’t have to take a vote.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Cory Gardner has confirmed every one of President Trump’s anti-environmental nominees and William Perry Pendley was likely to be the next given we never heard Gardner criticize this anti-public lands crusader — even as he tries to greenwash his record. Gardner can’t claim to support our public lands and refuse to speak out against William Perry Pendley, who’s been in charge of our public lands for a year yet believes they shouldn’t even exist.”