Gardner & Trump Abandon COVID Relief Negotiations, Instead Ramming Through Anti-ACA SCOTUS Nominee

Gardner & Trump Abandon COVID Relief Negotiations, Instead Ramming Through Anti-ACA SCOTUS Nominee

140 days since Gardner said it would be “unfathomable” for Senate to leave Washington without further COVID action, he’s silent as Trump leaves Colorado behind

Denver, CO Yesterday, President Trump and Senator Cory Gardner abandoned pandemic relief negotiations until after the election, despite COVID hospitalizations spiking in Colorado and unemployment remaining near-record high. Instead of delivering for struggling families and businesses, Gardner and the GOP are ignoring the overwhelming majority of Americans and are laser-focused on ramming through an anti-choice and anti-Affordable Care Act Supreme Court nominee.

Gardner infamously said — exactly 140 days ago — that it would be “unfathomable” for Congress to leave Washington without further action. Now Gardner is deafeningly silent as his party bosses slam the door on further pandemic relief. 

Since Gardner’s “unfathomable” stunt, he and Mitch McConnell have let emergency unemployment expire, gone on a month-long vacation, put forth only a “skinnystunt relief bill that didn’t pass, and failed to take action on two comprehensive House-passed pandemic aid packages. 

In a debate that aired last night, Gardner inexplicably “tried to blame” John Hickenlooper for shutting down pandemic relief talks, despite Hickenlooper not serving in the Senate (yet!) and the president Gardner is with “100%” proudly taking responsibility for letting Coloradans down.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Senator Gardner has turned his back on the thousands of Coloradans struggling to put food on the table and small businesses that can’t pay the bills, all while the pandemic continues to surge across the state. After standing by President Trump’s botched pandemic response, Senator Gardner is again failing us, putting his party allegiance ahead of Coloradans — this time to plow through President Trump’s anti-ACA Supreme Court nominee instead of delivering for Colorado.”