GARDNER’S CLOSING: Campaigning Maskless with QAnon Believer, Missing Own Deadline on Public Lands, Defending Attempt to Gut Coloradans’ Health Care

GARDNER’S CLOSING: Campaigning Maskless with QAnon Believer, Missing Own Deadline on Public Lands, Defending Attempt to Gut Coloradans’ Health Care

Denver, CO – It’s Election Day, and Senator Cory Gardner is closing out his campaign like he’s spent the last six years: catering to the far-right, failing to protect Colorado’s public lands, and doubling down on his votes to take away Coloradans’ health care. 

Here’s what Coloradans are reading on Election Day: 

Gardner Campaigns Maskless with QAnon Supporter Lauren Boebert, Violates Garfield County Public Health Order

The Post-Independent reports that Gardner tagged along to a closing rally for Lauren Boebert at her restaurant in Rifle last night. As Boebert railed against attempts to control the pandemic, state Senator Kerry Donovan pointed out that the event violated Garfield County’s mask mandate.

More via the Colorado Times Recorder

Additional photos obtained by the Colorado Times Recorder show Gardner and Boebert, both maskless, in close proximity with others, including one apparent child, at the Freedom Rally today in front of Shooters Grill, Boebert’s restaurant in Rifle, which is located in Garfield County.

A video of the event (below) shows what appears to be a Shooters Grill staff member, with a trademark gun at her hip, letting maskless patrons into the restaurant, also in apparent violation of the mask mandate.

In the video, Gardner is standing outside the restaurant, also maskless, as the people enter Shooters Grill.

Gardner is inconsistent with his mask-wearing habits, normally wearing masks for official photos on Facebook but often seen maskless in informal images that appear on social media.

Neither Gardner nor Boebert could be reached for comment.

Trump Breaks “Gardner’s Law” and Misses Deadline for LWCF Projects

Gardner has spent millions of dollars running ads on the Great American Outdoors Act and attempting to deceive Coloradans about his real record of selling out public lands to corporate polluters. But on election eve, the Trump administration missed the deadline for funding public lands projects — breaking his so-called “Gardner’s Law” on the same day Coloradans will vote Gardner out of office. 

E&E has the details

After the pomp and circumstance of enacting the Great American Outdoors Act — the “holy grail” of conservation legislation for which advocates have been clamoring for decades — the Trump administration has missed a key deadline for implementation of the landmark law.

However, an updated list, or even a resubmission of the same list, is necessary for compliance with the Great American Outdoors Act.

Both Republican Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Steve Daines of Montana have highlighted the legislation in television and video ads.

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) put the bill on the floor this summer, he made sure they were the faces of the effort and allowed them to essentially take all credit for the measure’s passage (Greenwire, Aug. 4).

“Cory Gardner’s campaign is ending with … President Trump failing to deliver on the conservation legislation Gardner has touted in misleading ads for months — breaking his self-proclaimed ‘Gardner’s Law’ on Day 1, which happens to land on the same day Coloradans will vote him out of office,” said Alyssa Roberts, a spokeswoman for former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), who is challenging Gardner for his Senate seat.

The Republican lawmaker has referred to the Great American Outdoors Act as “Gardner’s Law” in a television ad promoting his candidacy. (Greenwire, Aug. 12).

Neither Gardner nor Daines, however, responded to requests for comment for this story.

Defending Vote to Stack Court Against Coloradans’ Health Care

After spending a decade crusading against the Affordable Care Act, Gardner put the final nail in the coffin with his vote last week to confirm Trump’s anti-ACA Supreme Court nominee. The Court hears a case that could overturn the ACA in just a week, and Gardner is defending his vote that could rip away health care from millions of people during a pandemic.

From KREX: 

Hickenlooper says Gardner is putting American’s healthcare in jeopardy by supporting Barrett, due to the Supreme Court hearing a case on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act after the election. Gardner feels he acted in the country’s best interest by appointing Barrett.

Hickenlooper has attacked Gardner for his support of Barrett and about healthcare policy in general.

“Healthcare is something people feel is at the top of the list and something Cory Gardner hasn’t delivered on,” Hickenlooper said.