Gardner’s Latest Ad Fishes for Approval, But Coloradans Won’t Take the Bait

Gardner’s Latest Ad Fishes for Approval, But Coloradans Won’t Take the Bait

Dubbed One of LCV’s “Dirty Dozen,” Gardner Has Spent Millions Trying to Hide From His Long Anti-Environment Record 

Green energy? More like greenwashing.

After failing to deliver COVID relief again, Senator Cory Gardner is out with *yet another* campaign ad attempting to deceive voters about his anti-environmental record. And yet again, Coloradans aren’t taking the bait.

State Representative Dylan Roberts was quick to call out Gardner’s posing as an angler, but once again, Gardner is all rod, no reel:

“While Coloradans are stuck waiting for Washington to act on COVID relief, Senator Gardner is running yet another deceptive ad ignoring the crisis and his long anti-environmental record,” said Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen. “Coloradans aren’t taking the bait and won’t be fooled by Gardner’s election year attempt to greenwash his record of selling out our public lands and environment while refusing to act on climate change.”

A recent National Journal report revealed that while the renewable energy sector has been hit hard from the pandemic, Gardner made empty promises and “failed” to get anything done to support the clean energy economy.

Like Gardner’s last two greenwashing ads, his new deceptive spot again ignores Gardner’s own record of being a rubber stamp for Trump’s toxic environmental agenda — earning him a spot on LCV’s “Dirty Dozen” list. 

  • Designation of new Colorado wilderness has been left out of every major public lands bill to pass the Senate during Gardner’s tenure. This week, E&E News revealed that Gardner “never responded to follow-up requests” about changes he requested to the CORE Act bill, showing he is “unserious” about protecting wilderness.
  • Gardner voted for a resolution that tried to undermine the Paris Climate talks. He was silent when Trump pulled the United States out of the global agreement to fight climate change.