“All politics is local.” – Tip O’Neill

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Why get involved in local races? The majority of decisions that impact your daily lives are made at the local level. You have the opportunity to meet and know your candidates and elected officials that represent you in city council, school board, and county leadership positions. Your local leaders live in the same communities you do. The decisions made here impact your schools, your roads, your neighborhoods and your life. If everyone adopted even one local race per year, we would all benefit in the form of better representation, more inclusion and more solutions. Everyone can participate and we all benefit when you do. Under the current climate of fringe wing of one-party control, we need our local government to serve as a check-and-balance and in some cases a necessary component of the #resistance to push back against reckless federal over-reach that could harm our families and communities. While Presidential races tend to garner the most attention, the races that are up in 2017 and 2018 will impact our communities today and for the next decade. Will you commit to volunteering whatever time or talent you can spare for one local race?


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