GREENWASHING: Gardner’s Election Year Flip Can’t Hide Record of “Backing Trump’s Anti-Conservation Agenda At Every Turn”

GREENWASHING: Gardner’s Election Year Flip Can’t Hide Record of “Backing Trump’s Anti-Conservation Agenda At Every Turn”

Gardner Makes “Desperate Attempt” to Hide His Record of Gutting Environmental Protections, Protecting Polluters, Selling Out Public Lands & Refusing to Support CORE Act

Denver, CO – Senator Cory Gardner’s “desperate attempt to greenwash his record of “supporting Trump and his anti-conservation agenda at seemingly every turn” — earning an abysmal 11% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters — comes as Mitch McConnell tries to rescue Gardner’s struggling reelection campaign. 

Gardner, who is “new to the fight to protect the LWCF,” voted to slash funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund as recently as 2018 and has given unwavering support to President Trump and his appointees’ anti-environmental agenda. With Gardner’s support, the Trump administration has overseen the largest rollback of protected public lands in U.S. history, dismantled efforts to fight climate change, and gutted clean water protections. Now, facing the loss of Gardner’s seat and the Senate majority along with it, McConnell is attempting to hand Gardner a political favor to save his flailing campaign.

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll:

“There’s no two ways about it: Senator Gardner has shown resolute support for President Trump’s anti-environment, anti-science agenda and Coloradans won’t be fooled by his election-year greenwashing. Gardner’s desperate attempt to re-invent his environmental record is too little, too late — especially while he still refuses to support the CORE Act and protect 400,000 acres of Colorado public lands.”

Here are the facts on Gardner’s anti-environmental record:

Gardner Repeatedly Voted To Cut LWCF Funding, “New to the fight to protect the LWCF

  • 2018 – Gardner voted in favor of a spending cuts package that would have slashed $16 million in LWCF funding .
  • 2011Gardner voted to virtually eliminate funding for the LWCF with his support of an amendment to an appropriations bill. 

Gardner’s Anti-Conservation Record 

Conservation as Political Football for Gardner & McConnell 

Gardner is Roadblock for CORE Act

  • Gardner is STILL refusing to support the CORE Act, even as Senator Bennet filed it as an amendment. Gardner won’t explain his opposition.  
  • The decade in the making conservation bill, with widespread grassroots support, is “unlikely to see the light of day in the Senate” without Gardner’s support.
  • Designation of new Colorado wilderness got left out of the last major public lands bill to pass the Senate, too.