HELP IS ON THE WAY: Dems Complete Critical First Step in Passing COVID Relief

HELP IS ON THE WAY: Dems Complete Critical First Step in Passing COVID Relief

Days After Hanging with Rich Donors, Boebert says “No” to COVID Relief for CD3

Denver, CO – President Biden pledged from “Day One” that he would work towards passing COVID relief for families, and today, the passage of the American Rescue Plan took a big step forward with the House Budget Committee voting to pass it on party-lines. The House is expected to take up the bill this Friday.

Among the “No” votes was Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Just a day and a half after hanging out with rich donors in Palm Beach, FL on Saturday for a high-dollar fundraiser for Utah U.S. Senator Mike Lee, Congresswoman Boebert made one of her most consequential votes so far in her short career. In the House Budget Committee today, Congresswoman Boebert voted “No” on a Dem-led COVID relief package that includes $1,400 stimulus checks, support for small businesses, and scale up COVID-testing and vaccination. 

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson David Pourshoushtari:

“Thank goodness Democrats are in the majority. Today’s vote to send the American Rescue Plan to the floor of the House means that $1,400 stimulus checks, support for childcare, and extended unemployment insurance are on the way to Colorado families.

“Yet, Congresswoman Boebert voted ‘No’ on sending this badly needed relief for families in her district. CD3 families should take heart though, because apparently if they are willing to write $5,800 checks in Palm Beach, Congresswoman Boebert would then decide they’re worth her time and energy.”