ICYMI: Gardner Endorses Trump, says it’s “Right Thing to Do for Colorado”

ICYMI: Gardner Endorses Trump, says it’s “Right Thing to Do for Colorado”

We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this! In the Independent Journal Review, Senator Cory Gardner stated unequivocally that he was endorsing President Trump for reelection in 2020.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), another Republican senator who vocally opposed Trump in 2016, told IJR that he’s endorsing the president now because it’s the “right thing to do for Colorado.”Independent Journal Review, 1.30.2019.

“After our country just went through the Trump Shutdown, which caused 15,000 Colorado workers to have to go without pay for three weeks, Cory Gardner really thinks endorsing Donald Trump is the ‘right thing to do for Colorado’? Given that Cory Gardner has a 90% voting record with Donald Trump, it really isn’t surprising, but it also shows just how out of step he is with Colorado,” said Colorado Democratic Party spokesman David Pourshoushtari.

“Cory Gardner shares a 39% approval rating with Donald Trump in Colorado, and now he sees his only way to reelection is to embrace the far-right wing of his party and cast his lot with President Trump. Colorado voters won’t see this endorsement as ‘the right thing to do for Colorado’, and Cory Gardner will face the consequences on Election Day 2020,” Pourshoushtari concluded.