ICYMI: Heidi Ganahl Embraces Dennis Prager’s Hate Fueled and Anti Vaccine Misinformation Rant

ICYMI: Heidi Ganahl Embraces Dennis Prager’s Hate Fueled and Anti Vaccine Misinformation Rant

Sunday afternoon, Heidi Ganahl held a campaign event with right wing extremist Dennis Prager, a conservative talk show host who has a history of spreading hate speech and the founder of PragerU. Heidi Ganahl and Dennis Prager livestreamed an hour long conversation that spread COVID-19 misinformation, fueled divisiveness, and hateful rhetoric towards transgender people.

A few short weeks before the widely expected CDC approval of the COVID vaccine for 5-11 year-olds, Ganahl gave Prager the platform of her gubernatorial campaign to spread dangerous rhetoric about the COVID-19 vaccine. Heidi Ganahl personally kicked off the event by giving Prager the microphone and allowing him to claim it was “child abuse” to give children the COVID-19 vaccine, despite CDC recommendations. Prager also told people in the audience the vaccine was “not good for you” if you had already been infected with COVID-19, disregarding the advice of public health experts, again. The U.S. Surgeon General described COVID misinformation an “urgent threat” and its proliferation a major hindrance towards ending the pandemic.

Prager went on to call schools “poison factories” and praise failed California Republican gubernatorial nominee, Larry Elder. Giving right wing extremists a platform for dangerous misinformation is not new for Ganahl. Prager is yet another addition to the growing list of extremists Ganahl has surrounded herself with such as John Eastman and Lauren Boebert — and we can expect to see more as her campaign continues. 

Last night’s event showed Ganahl is more willing to engage in extremist topics than she is about protecting our democracy.

Listen to a recording of the event here and read excerpts below:

PRAGER: “If there were conversations about facts, America would be conservative. All leftism. All leftism is passion, is emotion, all entirely, there is no fact-based leftism, there’s fact-based liberalism, there’s fact-based conservatism. There is no fact-based leftism. Men do not give birth. OK. That’s- it’s a fact. That is a fact. It is an emotion. It is an ideology that men give birth, that people say it is proof of the power of intimidation and the media to brainwash people into absurdity. Truly, there is. I can’t think of something analogous to men give birth for absurdity. Can you?”

PRAGER: “What is the best way to argue for liberty? Look, if enough people said we’re not sending our child to such a college. The death rate among college age, human beings of COVID is infinitesimally small. It is an act of child abuse to give a child this vaccine pure undiluted child abuse. The medical profession has been ruined by the left because the left is everything it touches. I have no issue with it, but an older person wants to take the vaccine. I have no issue.”

PRAGER: “It was like California when I moved to California in my 20s in 1976. I thought I was moving to heaven. And the thing I thought most was just free. California’s free. It’s not free anymore. And Los Angeles city, just voted that if you’re not vaccinated, you can’t enter a restaurant or any other place, which is absurd. The- There’s no medicine behind this. This is all power. This has nothing to do with medicine. Why do people who had COVID have to get vaccinated? That is that is human abuse. It is not good for you, it is not good for you if you had COVID to get the vaccine. There is no benefit. It is probably bad for you. And the best antibodies the most long lasting are natural antibodies from having had COVID, been trying to get COVID for a year and a half.”

PRAGER: “It’s as simple as that. You send your kids to studies poison, they get poisoned. It’s very hard to undo the damage of schooling from five until 23. It’s very, very hard. That’s where their peers are. That’s where their teachers are. That’s where their time is. They spent much less time with you. Schools are poison factories.”