ICYMI: “I’m Embarrassed For Colorado.” Boebert Blasted By Moffat County Hospital CEO for COVID Disinformation.

ICYMI: “I’m Embarrassed For Colorado.” Boebert Blasted By Moffat County Hospital CEO for COVID Disinformation.

Andy Daniels, Memorial Regional Health’s CEO who describes himself as  “super conservative” calls out Congresswoman. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH INTERVIEW)

Denver, CO — Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been heavily criticized for continuously downplaying and mocking the severity of the Delta variant of COVID-19. Whether it was for her “Needle Nazis” comment or tweeting to “turn off CNN” to make the Delta variant “go away”, the Congresswoman continues to be long on tweets and short on actual solutions to help her constituents.

But, as this CNN clip that was later picked up by CBS Denver shows, Lauren Boebert’s disinformation campaign and mocking attitude towards COVID-19 has real consequences for her constituents. 

As CBS Denver wrote up:

Andy Daniels, the hospital’s chief executive officer, describes himself as a “super conservative individual.”

“How does it make you feel the way Rep. Boebert has treated this pandemic?” Tuchman asked.

“I’m embarrassed for Colorado too, quite frankly,” Daniels answered. “I’m embarrassed that she is my representative.”

“I think if you’re going to take a stance on health care policy, you might actually want to learn something about health care policy,” Daniels told Tuchman.

Dr. Matthew Grzegozewski, is the chief medical officer in the hospital’s emergency department.

She comes from a position of power, being our elected official, and I think that people are listening to what she’s saying, and a lot of what she’s putting out there is ideology that isn’t fact, isn’t medically sound,” Grzegozewski said.

The chief medical officer and the CEO would both like a chance to speak to Boebert about what’s going on in their county and the message she’s sending.

It’s putting a lot of people in danger and it’s, quite honestly, costing people lives and it’s, it’s frustrating to have to fight against that,” Grzegozewski said.

Just days ago, when offered a mask by a House floor staffer, Boebert reportedly threw the mask in the staffer’s face

David Pourshoushtari, Spokesperson for the Colorado Democratic Party:

“While Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is having ‘the time of [her] life’ in Congress, her constituents are suffering and dying from the Delta variant of COVID-19. Congresswoman Boebert may think spreading disinformation and mocking the severity of the Delta variant will get her more retweets, but her actions are costing people’s lives. 

“During the August recess, Congresswoman Boebert needs to get off Twitter, actually talk to her constituents, and encourage people in Congressional District 3 to get vaccinated so we can slow the spread of the Delta variant. Her constituents’ lives are at stake, and Congresswoman Boebert needs to know that this is not a game.”