Ivanka Trump and David Bernhardt’s Photo Ops Can’t Spin Trump’s Failures on Child Care, Public Lands

Ivanka Trump and David Bernhardt’s Photo Ops Can’t Spin Trump’s Failures on Child Care, Public Lands

Denver, CO – Today, the Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Ivanka Trump and U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt’s events in Colorado this week. 

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party: 

“Ivanka Trump and David Bernhardt’s photo ops can’t spin Donald Trump’s disastrous record on child care and public lands. Four years ago, Trump pledged to lower child care costs, but he has utterly failed to deliver at every turn — and now hardworking families across Colorado are paying the price. Meanwhile, Bernhardt’s political stunt will do nothing to change his boss’s toxic environmental agenda, which has wreaked havoc on the public lands that millions of Coloradans cherish so deeply. Colorado saw right through Trump’s empty rhetoric four years ago, and we’ll reject his record of broken promises again in November.” 


Promise: In 2016, Donald Trump promised to lower child care costs for families and even signed a contract with American voters pledging to introduce and pass legislation on affordable child care within his first 100 days. 

Reality: In reality, Trump broke his promise: he didn’t even introduce, let alone pass, this bill. Meanwhile, his proposals have utterly failed to meet the needs of working families who need relief the most and instead, would be a “gift to the rich.”

Promise: “I will tell you, Ivanka Trump wants child care taken care of, and we’re going to that, okay?” [Trump Campaign Rally, Toledo OH, 9/21/16]

Reality: During the pandemic, women have been disproportionately likely to be laid off, to have left the labor market, or to quit their jobs to care for their families. 

Reality: According to Bell Policy Center, Colorado is “consistently near the bottom in terms of child care affordability” among states. In fact, Colorado is the seventh most expensive state for child care in the country, and child care is one of the biggest expenses that families face. According to the Economic Policy Institute, “a typical family in Colorado would have to spend 37.9% of its income on child care for an infant and a 4-year-old.”