NEW: Gardner Admits Great American Outdoors Act Is Political & Bill Does Not Create New Public Lands

NEW: Gardner Admits Great American Outdoors Act Is Political & Bill Does Not Create New Public Lands

Gardner Again Denies Blocking CORE Act, But Colorado Wilderness Bill is Dead Without His Support

Denver, CO – Yesterday, Senator Cory Gardner said the quiet part out loud: his support for the Great American Outdoors Act is a political ploy to boost his campaign, — part of his larger attempt to greenwash his abysmal environmental record — and the legislation “really doesn’t designate any new [public] lands.” 

KREX reports: 

Bennet recently called for Gardner to include his bill in the Great American Outdoors Act as an amendment. Gardner indicated his bill is totally different.

“It’s Senator Bennet’s legislation, I’m not opposed to Senator Bennet’s legislation,” Gardner said “I want to make sure we have people who support all of our public land efforts.”

Gardner emphasized that the two pieces of legislation want to accomplish different goals.

“The Great American Outdoors Act is a piece of legislation that really doesn’t designate any new lands.”

Then, in response to a question about what’s next for his reelection campaign, Gardner pivoted back to the bill he’s currently running deceptive ads on. WATCH

Gardner also claimed that he was not blocking the CORE Act — a collaborative bill to protect 400,000 acres of Colorado wilderness with widespread grassroots support — despite doubling down on his opposition to the bill just last month, calling it “a partisan, political tool” and implying anyone who disagrees is “a fool.” 

And on top of everything else: in two separate interviews, Gardner again refused to oppose anti-public lands zealot William Perry Pendley’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Gardner told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel that Pendley would face “difficult questions,” but “Gardner would not say what questions specifically he would ask.”

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Senator Gardner said what we knew all along: his about-face on conservation efforts is just election-year political greenwashing. Senator Gardner runs ads claiming to care about our environment and public lands, but back in Washington he refuses to support a decade-in-the making wilderness bill and continues to be a rubber stamp for Trump’s anti-conservation agenda, letting an anti-public lands zealot oversee our public lands. To Senator Gardner, public lands are just a political talking point — not our Colorado way of life.”