NEW: Gardner Admits “There’s Going to Be Everybody Asking That Question” As He Refuses to Answer the Question

NEW: Gardner Admits “There’s Going to Be Everybody Asking That Question” As He Refuses to Answer the Question

Denver, CO –  Senator Cory Gardner won’t talk about how the president he is with “100%” of the time is handling the coronavirus pandemic. Asked by CNN whether he thought the president was doing a good job managing the coronavirus crisis, Gardner refused to respond — instead inexplicably saying that “there’s going to be everybody asking that question.” 

Take a look at No Comment Cory’s latest evasion:

For instance, few GOP senators were critical of the President as he aggressively promoted the use of an unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, which the Food and Drug Administration later said could cause serious side effects with little impact in curing Covid-19, or floated the injection of disinfectants as a treatment — a comment rebuked by many public health experts.

Asked if Trump should be giving medical advice, Sen. Cory Gardner said: “I’m going to continue to work with the governor of Colorado and make sure Coloradans have what they need to get through this together, focusing on individual relief, focus on the economy, focusing on the health emergency, that’s what I am 100% focused on.”

Gardner, up for reelection in a swing state, pointed to his work with Democratic Gov. Jared Polis when asked if he believes Trump’s done a good job in managing the crisis.

“There’s going to be everybody asking that question,” Gardner told CNN. “But what we have to do is do better and better every minute, and that’s similar to what the governor of Colorado said yesterday.”

This comes just weeks after Gardner dodged a similar request to comment on Trump’s pandemic response, saying “I think it’s important to not look and try to provide some kind of a grade” before abruptly ending a call. Gardner has previously defended the president on hydroxychloroquine. His misleading first television ad leaves Trump out altogether.

While reports continue to pour out on the early failures in the administration’s handling of the pandemic, Gardner continues to stand silent beside Trump. Instead of holding the president accountable and demanding answers, Gardner has blamed China, the World Health Organization, and even impeachment for the administration’s shortcomings.